Salem Auto Insurance in Virginia

Just like every state and city in the United States, the Salem car insurance companies also have many types of auto insurance coverage. Along with the minimum requirements for the Salem auto insurance coverage in Virginia, it helps if you opt for higher coverage since they offer better financial protection in the case of an accident. Hence, knowing about the various Salem auto insurance policies will help you make a wise choice.

What are the types of Salem auto insurance available in Virginia?

There are three basic types of auto insurance policies available in Salem, Virginia. We shall discuss each one of them and then their advantages and disadvantages.

The most common or popular policy is the first party or fully comprehensive auto insurance policy. This policy is very expensive compared to the other policies that are available in the state. But the policy is really worth it considering that it gives you a lot of freedom. First party insurance will cover you even when you are not at fault. It will provide for you in cases where you bang your car against a tree or a pole or any other inanimate object. It will also cover you for damages sustained as a result of fires or theft.

Second party or limited fire and theft policy is a mid way policy. It will provide for expenses as a result of damages sustained due to all natural disasters including floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires etc. it will also cover you against acts of vandalism and robbery. But it will not cover you for accidents that were not your fault.

Third party insurance is the cheapest type of insurance policy that you can get. It will cover you only for those accidents that were caused as a result of your misjudgment or actions. It will not cover you if you have had an accident with a person who is not insured, Or if your car is damaged by a fire or is stolen. It is a very basic type of insurance policy which will just cover you for those accidents which were caused as a result of your fault. It is a sort of insurance policy that people would take out just to be on the right side of the law. It will not provide much protection in case of an accident but it will be something to count on.

There are other optional benefits that you can look into while getting a policy. These include tort coverage, medical benefits, rental coverage, and towing charges.

Tort coverage will provide for legal fees in case of long drawn out litigations. It will act as a cushion until you win your case and are able to access the insurance money of the other party.

Medical benefits provides for prescription medication, rental coverage is for renting a vehicle in case your car breaks down and towing charges is for paying for the cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest mechanic in Salem, Virginia.

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