When Is the Right Time to Switch to another Insurer?


If you want to drive, you need to purchase auto insurance. It’s mandatory, not a privilege nor luxury, and you could get into serious troubles if you are caught driving without one.  The law doesn’t require you to be on a single insurer for life. You can change insurers as often you like, or if you feel that switching become a necessity.

The insurance field is a cutthroat industry. Insurance companies are outwitting one another, and as a result, better offers, and benefits are offered each year to the policyholders. With that said, it’s important to review your insurance coverage each year and determine if your coverage is still appropriate to your current need. Doing so opens up the opportunity to find insurers offering better rates or inexpensive coverage.

People switch insurance all the time, and there’s nothing fancy about it. If you feel that your current insurer is good enough, then by all means, stick with them. As they say, don’t fix something that isn’t broken. However, for those who doubt about their insurers, here are a few scenarios we could think of that merits transfer to another provider.

First, if you are relocating to another state, consideration to switching to another provider may be necessary. And while you are at it, don’t forget to shop around so you can assess the different benefits and rates offered by potential companies. Each state has its own set of requirements, so switching to another provider helps ensure that your coverage aligns to the new regulations.

Another reason to switch to another provider is due to the poor customer service. There’s no reason to stay if this scenario exists, and definitely, a good time to shop for another one. Several insurance providers, far more capable than your existing insurer, will be happy to accommodate your request to switch to them. Remember, you deserve nothing but the best service in the insurance industry. After all, it’s not all about the money, but your life, investments, and your loved ones who are at stake.

If you can’t keep your premium rates at bay, it’s best to consider what the other providers are willing to offer you. Again, if you are a safe driver or pay your bills on time, you don’t deserve such unexplainable rate increases. Look around and find better deals from other insurers. Many providers consider safe drivers as an asset, so it won’t be difficult to find another one. If your current insurer does not recognize this factor, you better off finding one that rewards your efforts.

Discounts are offered everywhere just to keep the good-natured policyholders from switching. If you haven’t had discounts for years, and you know you deserve one, well, it’s time to leave the house. Commonly offered discounts include safe driver discount, safety features discount, multi-car or an insurance discount, good student, and so forth.

We’ve mentioned earlier that your insurance coverage needs will change from time to time. When it happens, it might give you an opportunity to shop around to find great deals. For instance, if you have just paid off the loaned vehicle, dropping the full coverage insurance will reduce your insurance premiums. Furthermore, a change in marital status affects insurance rates, so it’s best to shop around for reasonable rates. You can do this and more through comparison-shopping, which allows you to acquire multiple rates from various companies, with just one form to fill out.