Teen drivers – how to reduce sky high premium rates


Buying the first car comes with the responsibility of finding and affordable insurance plan. Since driving requires mandatory auto insurance in USA, finding an affordable way to pay for the insurance is necessary. This is particularly true for student and teen drivers, since they have to pay out higher premium than drivers with experience. Teen and student drivers are considered more risky drivers on road, according to the statistics that the insurance companies refer to. Teen and student drivers may be considered risky for the following reasons:


Teen and student drivers lack the experience required to drive well on the roads. Experienced drivers have the instincts to avoid mistakes of other drivers on the roads as well, which keep them safe on the roads. Teen and student drivers learn by practice and the initial learning period can make them risky drivers on the roads according to insurance companies. But with experience the insurance prices can be bought down effectively when the driving records are maintained perfectly. Taking defensive driving lessons can counteract the lack of experience and help in reducing the premium rates reasonably. Producing a defensive driving lesson certificate at the time of enrolling onto a policy can help in getting reasonable premium quotes.

Model of the car:

Teenage drivers are more excited driving high speed cars and fancy models which need not be safe on roads. Teen and student drivers are drawn towards sports cars and models that may lack the necessary safety equipment according to the insurance companies. Before buying the car, it is a good idea to consider the list of cars that are considered safe on the roads by insurance companies. They assuredly get low premium rates when compared to other cars in the market, and is surely a good way for teen drivers to enjoy driving as well as get low premium rates. Also, fixing the car with safety equipment which assures a safe drive can help in reducing the premium rates. Safety equipment like auto lock seat belts, air bags, tracking devices for emergency assistance all get additional discounts in terms of premium rates.


Student and teen drivers who use their cars extensively end up paying more premium rates than other drivers.  But driving within the mileage that insurance companies set can give added discounts on the premium rates. The lesser the vehicle is driven, the lesser the chances of accidents and therefore insurance claims. Choosing the less busy traffic routes can help in learning driving without the risks of accidents. Maintaining clean driving records can earn good discounts for the following year, which can reduce the premium rates considerably.

Enrolling onto an insurance policy with family member qualify for more discounts. Enrolling with multiple cars means multiple insurance policies which are given at a discount rate by insurance companies. Until the teen drivers get some driving experience and build a good driving record, it is a good idea to enroll with the family members as add on policy holders.