Nifty Ways to Save On Your Car Insurance Premiums


For the past 2 weeks, you have been scouring the web in hope to find an affordable car insurance policy. Unfortunately, it is harder than you once thought of, because until now, you still cannot decide which one to pick. Well, what’s the best way to clear your mind than to know some of the basic searching tips I have below. Let’s get started.

Keep in mind that there are many car insurance companies who are eagerly want you to avail of their ‘heavily’ discounted premiums. Discounts can be of any form.  However, these folks just don’t throw their offers anywhere. If you have no idea where to look for them, you will never get them. Time wasted.

One sure way to get those juicy discounts is to reduce your deductible. By the way, this method if applicable to both comprehensive and collision type of coverage. No doubt, there’s a big savings in this method, however, be sure to set aside a substantial amount of ‘personal’ cash because you will need it in case of future setbacks.

Now, if you think that your car is not worth the insurance, why not opt out from coverage that you don’t really need. Insurance policies differ from state to state, which means some states will require you to have these policies while others don’t.  Look at your states’ minimum requisites and comply with them; everything else is extra, so to speak.  If you loaned your car or made it collateral, you may have to speak to your creditor first because most likely, they don’t want to see you driving a less protected car.

If you park your car in a hostile or in an unsafe environment, you can forget those insurance discounts. Car insurance companies rarely grant you with such benefits. All my life, I have not encountered a single car insurer who’s happy to cover your car while you park it in the streets. Talk about vandalism and burglary.

When it comes to environment or the place you live, this factor certainly matters. Again, you can forget those discounts if you live in a place full of mobsters, gangsters and whatnot. In addition, all places where vehicles face high levels of risks will usually get high premium rates.

Mileage travelled does matter as well. If you travel around on a daily basis in a dense or highly populated area, expect a surge in insurance costs. Though, we could not find any viable solution for this than to transfer to another place, this is definitely, an important consideration if you are transferring to a new place.

Other factors such as your driving records, age, and sex can influence the rates of car insurance premiums. A driver below the age of 25 usually gets high insurance premiums. Female drivers and those with squeaky-clean driving records will get what they want, most of the time. In case where two or more drivers use the car, register the car under the driver’s name whose driving records are unquestionable.

All the same, don’t forget to shop around before finalizing the contract. If you do that, you’ll be surprised how much money you will save because you considered the quotes from other insurance companies.