Alaska – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


In Alaska, it is not too difficult to save considerable on your car insurance. Insurance companies base the insurance rates or monthly premiums on their risk assessment of the persons purchasing the auto insurance policy. With a few easy steps, you would be able to get comparatively low insurance premiums on your car insurance. A few tips for saving on car insurance in Alaska are furnished here for your benefit.

Driving History

If you have a good driving history, with no accidents or traffic violations, you would command very low insurance premium and save considerably on your car insurance. Hence, you should always try to drive safely and adhere to driving and traffic rules. You should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the traffic rules of Alaska and adhere to them strictly. If, for any reason, your driving history is not that good, you would need to obtain insurance at a higher premium and then improve your record by resorting to safer driving. When your car policy comes up for renewal, you would be in a position to negotiate with your insurance company for lower insurance rates.

Cluster your Policies with One Insurer

If you wish to buy car insurance from one particular insurance company, then it would be better if you transfer your personal life policy, your home policy, and the policies of your family members to that insurance company. Clustering all the policies with one insurance company definitely impresses that company and it would automatically offer you very good rates for your car insurance.

Compare Rates before Buying Car Insurance

Before deciding on the insurance company, you should obtain quotes from different insurance companies. Since the assessment of each company would be different, you might be able to get better rates. Moreover, you would be able to see which factors had been considered risky by which company. When you have the assessment of multiple companies in your hand, this would give you an opportunity to take appropriate remedial steps in those factors.

Accident Claims

Insurance companies consider your past accident claims as very important in their risk assessment. If your driving record is free of accident claims, either by you or by a third party, then you would be able to save considerably on your car insurance. Insurers give more weight to past accident claims than to traffic tickets. If you do have a few accident claims in the past, either explain in person the situations in which those claims were made or attach a letter detailing those circumstances. This would help the insurance company to understand your driving record better. Many insurance companies evaluate driving history and accident claims for even the past five years, though considering the history for three years is normal.

Geographic Area

Insurance companies also take into consideration the area in which you live and the areas in which you regularly drive. Areas with lesser traffic would be considered as lower risk, while congested suburbs with heavy traffic would naturally be high risk areas. Areas with high crime rate of vehicle theft would also be higher risk. This would be another factor that you would need to look into.

If you study the above tips for saving on car insurance in Alaska and take appropriate steps, you would be able to get very good insurance rates for your car insurance.