Want To Cut Your Truck Insurance Cost? Install Safety Features


Insuring trucks and other similar huge vehicles requires paying hefty sums of money with their insurance premiums. Trucks are huge and when involved on road accidents, they just don’t create simple dents but oftentimes-deadly damages and fatalities. For this reason, trucks are considered as high risk machines needing high insurance coverage.

Commercial trucks fall under the same category and are considered road hazards as well. These trucks are used to carry products such as chemicals, which are harmful to the public and to the environment when spilled or cluttered during road collision.

If you are an ordinary car owner, you know that buying insurance creates a ‘dent’ in the pocket. The same scenario exists to the truck owners but this time, only bigger. However, since commercial truck insurance is required by law, there’s nothing they could do but to insure their trucks.

If you own a truck, then you must be looking for ways to reduce the premiums even to just a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, truck insurance can be lowered down as long as your truck is in tip-top shape. That is, a well-maintained truck, running in good condition and an array of safety features installed are all what you need to get discounted truck insurance.

It pays to check the light reflectors first to see if they’re working. Check for crack covers or busted bulbs and that no cargo can obstruct these lights during the flight. Always make sure that they are clean all the time from mud, dirt and other debris.

Avoid changing the tail light from red to any other color of your choice. There’s no substitute for red. Also, turn signal lights are important as well; check if they are working properly.  Turn signals are important to alert approaching and behind vehicles that the truck is trying to change lanes or taking a turn.

Some states require a reflective sheeting to be attached to the body of the car. This is one type of material that glows in the night or if hit by an incoming light. The created reflection will tell the incoming vehicles that there’s a huge truck is coming particularly in places where there are no lampposts or the roads are dim.

Truck owners who installed fog lamps onto their units noticed a reasonable reduction of their insurance rates. You should do this as well. Bear in mind though that fog lamps are not to be used a substitute for headlights.

Hire a qualified electrician to check the internal wirings of the truck. Also, install a safety compartment that will going to hold some corrosive materials that the truck carries like extra fuel, paint or the car battery. 

Don’t forget to check the brakes, brake fluid and tires if they are in good shape. Brakes should work on all wheels not just the front or back. As a safety precaution, try installing anti-lock brakes. Install the right kind of tires that are sturdy and durable enough to travel long distances and carry the weight of the truck and its cargo.

If your truck passed all the safety features we’ve mentioned above, then it’s highly probable that you will get discounted truck insurance rates.

Again, even though commercial truck insurance premiums are all time high, you can still lower it down just like how ordinary car owners have been doing. Start by looking multiple offers from different companies.

If you have the list, go over with the benefits offered and choose the company you feel fits the bill. Get in touch with one of their agents or use their website to further request for more truck insurance quotes. Once you have this data, scrutinize each quote offered and you can decide from then on.