Auto Insurance Guide Archive for October, 2010

  • Basic Checkpoints While Taking an Auto Insurance Coverage

    by Hayden Krueger

    Most of us often do not pay much thought to the auto insurance coverage we are going for. The law mandates everyone to at least have a liability insurance coverage which will pay for the damages and losses caused to the other party due to the policy holder’s fault. However, there are a lot of other areas, where auto insurance coverage is important and one needs to give it a serious thought before deciding which policy to go for.

    Determine Your Need

    The auto insurance coverage you take should always be in sync with your need. If you use your car extensively for commuting not only to office, client meetings and various places inside the city but also out of station destinations, then you need collision damage insurance, accident and medical expenses insurance, liability insurance, roadside assistance and all the other forms of coverage that cover high risk in case … Click here to read more

  • The types of auto insurance coverage that can protect you well

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance varies from state to state. In some states in the U.S. there is no mandate requiring the motorists to possess auto insurance of any kind. In states like Mississippi, Iowa and Alabama there are no laws that necessitate people to take up auto insurance but they have to post a cash deposit or bond in case of any damages occurring during an accident. There are financial responsibility laws in place for these states. However if you are residing in a state where it is compulsory to have auto insurance you will need to have some proof of it at all times in your car. You should be able to present it to an officer of law upon request and if you default or have an expired insurance then you may have to compensate financially or otherwise. Let’s look at some basic types of insurance you may need to … Click here to read more

  • Some precautions you should keep in mind while buying auto insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Who does not have a car these days? Every one old and young has their own vehicle. It’s just not possible to manage without it. Having a car, old or new can be thrilling and most people know of the rules about auto insurance so they walk in and walk out with a new policy and then leave it in a corner someplace. Trouble arises when they actually need to use it. There will be a million clauses and you find that you probably are not covered at the end of it despite shelling out a fair sum every month. What can you do to avoid this?

    When it comes to getting an insurance quote for your car, you just want the easiest way out. You may have opted for an online insurance policy and not given it a second look after that. You need to make sure you know … Click here to read more

  • Facts about auto insurance that you need to be aware of

    by Hayden Krueger

    Every single individual needs a car or ends up buying one. It is just plain difficult to get around town without a car for comfort and for safety reasons as well. Especially when you have a family, a car is a must have. Along with having a car, it is just as important to ensure that you have your insurance taken care of. Car insurance is something many people neglect on account of various justifications they may have but the big fact is that it is a necessity whether the state decrees it or not. In case you ever are in the unfortunate position of being in an accident you will end up with so many bills you’ll wish you had yourself covered for these liabilities.

    When you are on a trip to someplace or on a business trip for a long duration on site in a different state you … Click here to read more

  • Traffic Rules in Texas you should be aware of

    by Hayden Krueger

    Every state in America has its own version of the basic traffic laws framed by the government. The degree to which states vary from each other and the original is dependant on a number of factors. However, the basic traffic rules are applied across the states. The rule to drive on the right side of the road, the right or way rule, the speed limit etc, are all traffic laws that are to be followed across the states. However, every state has its own version of the rules. The most commonly digressing law is the one on speed limit. Different states impose different speed limits on those driving through or within the state. 

    In Texas, the state’s traffic rules are an indication of what the most common sins are. The state does not tolerate driving under the Influence of Alcohol or any other mood enhancer. Driving drunk is a traffic … Click here to read more

  • Personal Details that influence Insurance Rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    What might seem like the most nondescript details are important details for an insurance Company. The reason why Insurance Companies ask that many questions is to accurately access the applicant accident potential. It is easy to understand why an insurance Company would be interested in calculating an accident potential. There are some people whose driving habits and trends render them more prone to road accidents than others. Given below is a list of a few, very general personal details that insurance companies use to gauge this accident potential 


    Age is one of the most important considerations for an insurance policy. At the offset, it should be understood that this assessment based on personal details works on the principle of stereotyping. These companies will assume, mostly, that a young driver, or college student is more likely to crash his or her vehicle that a middle aged woman. Now this stereotyping … Click here to read more

  • Know the reasons for the variations in your auto insurance premiums

    by Hayden Krueger

    While even the most personal details are of interest to the Insurance Company, a few other peripheral details are important as well. The sum total of these details provides the Insurance Company with a picture or profile of the applicant based on which a policy is issued. The details therefore directly influence the policy offered as suitable to the applicant. Since these policies are mostly specific, it may help to take a closer look at the things a detail tells the insurance company.

    A seemingly bald detail may speak volumes about the person. The most obvious question of interest to an insurance Company is the applicant’s past driving record. These may throw up parking tickets, speeding tickets and the works. Each of these helps in piecing together a profile of the applicant. And it rightly should. Even if there are very good and genuine reasons behind each of those tickets … Click here to read more

  • Driving rules in the United States everyone should be aware of

    by Hayden Krueger

    Driving laws can change from one country to the next. The road rules are based on several factors – The geographical terrain, the most common type of vehicle preferred in the region, the weather etc. These factors play a huge role in affecting the risk of accidents and other road related disasters. While most people assume that traffic is the number one reason for road accidents, it cannot be farther from the truth. While safe driving can prevent traffic related accidents, there is little that can prevent nature triggered accidents. The most basic safety measure to follow would be to drive slowly. Slow driving can prevent accidents caused by heavy rains, snow or hailstorms. This is however, just the tip of the iceberg and a quick look into how and why different countries and sometimes different states in the same country can have different driving laws. 

    Driving in some states … Click here to read more

  • Considerations to factor in when selecting the auto insurance for your needs

    by Hayden Krueger

    Car and vehicle insurance in general is much sought after. Every Vehicle owner must and eventually will get his or her vehicle insured. The reason why vehicle insurance has become so important is that it protects one from the high costs of repairing a vehicle should it come to be damaged. Repairing a vehicle can be a costly business. Most automobile parts are very expensive, with the price tag escalating with the model and showroom price of the vehicle. The costlier the car, the more expensive it will be to refit it with parts and components. 

    Small repairs are manageable, but the chances are that accidents would leave the car or bike in a nearly unrecognizable state. Therefore, vehicle insurances come in handy. These days, insurance companies have come up with all sorts of insurance policies to cater to the specifications of customers. These companies also factor in a lot … Click here to read more

  • Buying Auto Insurance now made easy

    by Hayden Krueger

    All vehicles these days are insured. The package, the insurance company, the coverage provided may vary, but the bottom line is that the every vehicle on the road must be insured. The need for insurance is also the need to stay prepared. The road is one of the most unpredictable places there can be. The number of vehicles, the gridlock of traffic, and the high stress levels that drivers combat with are just a few reasons why accidents are becoming increasingly common. While the states are doing everything that can towards containing road accidents, the truth remains, that the accidents do occur. The reasons behind these accidents change from time to time. 

    In the years gone by, most common cause of accidents was reckless night driving, under the influence of alcohol. The traffic rules imposed by the different states has helped curb the incidence or drunken driving, though it has … Click here to read more

  • Facts about auto insurance most users are unaware of

    by Hayden Krueger

    You have bought yourself a new car, done your homework and got your car covered and insured in the best way possible. That is a good way to start, but some things about the insurance business stay hidden to most consumers. Some facts you do not realize till you actually are in a position where you need to know of it. For example when it comes to cancelling an insurance policy due to any number of reasons- transfers to a new state, selling your car or you just do not like the service, there are precautions to be followed. Firstly make sure you intimate the company clearly and get acknowledgement that they know you are terminating your policy. If you just stop paying, they will bill you in advance for next month and if you do not pay them, your credit sores get affected.

    Standard method in cancelling the policy … Click here to read more