Traffic Rules in Texas you should be aware of


Every state in America has its own version of the basic traffic laws framed by the government. The degree to which states vary from each other and the original is dependant on a number of factors. However, the basic traffic rules are applied across the states. The rule to drive on the right side of the road, the right or way rule, the speed limit etc, are all traffic laws that are to be followed across the states. However, every state has its own version of the rules. The most commonly digressing law is the one on speed limit. Different states impose different speed limits on those driving through or within the state. 

In Texas, the state’s traffic rules are an indication of what the most common sins are. The state does not tolerate driving under the Influence of Alcohol or any other mood enhancer. Driving drunk is a traffic violation. Drunken driving is most often considered reckless driving. The problem is drunken driving is that the driver’s ability to instant reaction is hampered. He or she may be able to drive long, peaceful stretches or road just fine, if however, a person suddenly crosses the road, another vehicle swerves or an animal darts across the driver’s path, the driver is not going to able to avoid contact safely. The alcohol and other drugs slow down the brain reactionary reflex or response. 

The state of Texas also considers driving a vehicle with a suspended license an offence. Anyone who is driving without a license or with a suspended one is likely to be penalized. The state also considers driving without a valid Auto insurance a punishable offence. It is mandatory that all drivers operating within the State of Texas possess a valid, functional and appropriate Insurance that provides adequate coverage in the event of an accident. 

The State is also particular about the Hit and Run offenders. Those who cause an accident in which a person(s) or property is damaged and does not stop to leave his or her contact details or for the police to register a case is considered guilty of a hit and run. The Police will then register the offender fro two crimes – the accident caused, and the failure to show up before the police. The combination between the two can spell disaster for someone wishing to get away with a light punishment. 

Texas law also requires drivers to follow road rules and drive responsibly. The way the state manages to keep a check on irresponsible drivers is by following through on the penalties the law claims to impose on defaulters. Therefore, the state does what the state promises to do to those who break the law. The Minimum age limit for a Texas state resident to be considered eligible to apply for a driving license is 15. For those who are not yet 18 years old, the law requires the candidate applying for the license to bring along a parent or guardian. 

The state law also requires the candidate to sign a zero tolerance document.  The document states clearly the rules and regulations imposed on drivers driving through the state. Guardians and parents of candidates under the age of 18 are also required to sign this document. The document particularly stresses on the consequences if a driver is found driving under the influence of alcohol within State limits.