Simple ways to avail auto insurance discounts


Auto insurance is a must in all states in the US and there is nothing you can do to avoid that. The minimum prescribed might vary from one state to another. While it is a known fact that auto insurance is quite expensive in some states and is least expensive in the others, purchasing insurance is in your interest more than anything else. So, there is no point in pondering over whether or not you need insurance. Being uninsured or underinsured could in fact, get you into some serious trouble.

A better way to go about auto insurance would be to avail the discounts by following a few tips. There are a number of ways in which you can avail discounts in your auto insurance premiums. When you decide to purchase an auto insurance policy, there are a whole lot of factors that are taken into consideration while calculating your premium. The premium is not calculated merely based on some guesswork, but it is based on very specific details that you would have given.

Insurance companies like to encourage people to purchase policies and will go all out to offer discounts wherever necessary. In fact, anything that cuts down the risk factor will help in fetching you discounts. These discounts are basically rewards for those who qualify due to some personal considerations or due to policy-related cuts.

Useful tips to get discounts on your auto insurance premiums:

  • Driving record – If you have a driving record that is really clean and free of traffic violations and if you have not been involved in accidents, it could fetch you a huge discount. When you have a driving record that is clean, it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. It shows that you are mature and responsible. Hence, you pose less of a risk on the roads and auto insurance companies will readily give you discounts.
  • Defensive driving program – Completing a defensive driving program can also help in getting you discounts. It is always better to enroll teenagers into a valid certified course. This will help in two ways – the youngsters will get a proper foundation with regard to driving and the roads and highways will be much safer. Even if you have been driving for a long time and if you are over 60 years of age, it is a good idea to enroll in a certified driving program. This will help in refreshing your driving skills and will help in getting you discounts.
  • Install safety features – Installing safety devices such as anti-lock braking, anti-theft systems, airbags etc., can fetch you discounts.
  • Policy-related discounts – Combining your policies can help fetch discounts. For instance, if you have many vehicles to insure, then you could purchase policies from one company and avail the benefits.
  • Age-related discounts – Those under the age of 25 can avail discounts if they get good grades in college. This helps in proving that they are mature and responsible youngsters and the insurance provider will encourage them by giving discounts.