New York Auto Insurance Discounts


New York is one of the states that has higher auto insurance rates. And every year it seems that the rates just keep getting higher and higher. What can you do to cut down on some of these increases? Try asking your insurance professional if the following discounts are available on your next policy.

Many companies reward their safe drivers with a discounted rate. If you have not had an accident in the past three years, you may qualify. Some even extend a discount to loyal customers who have been insured by their company for several consecutive years.

The more safe and reliable you can make your car, the more discounts you will receive. It is worth the effort to get anti-theft and or alarm systems added to your car. This one time investment will provide you with discounts for as long as you have your car. Tracking devices such as LoJacks are also valuable tools in retrieving your car if it has been stolen. 

If you are getting a new vehicle, if you can afford it, get all the bells and whistles up front. Anti-lock brakes, driver and passenger air bags, and some companies are even incorporating side air bags as extra precautionary measures. The more you have added to your car at this stage, the less you will pay in insurance premiums from the start of your coverage. It is almost more economical to insure a brand new vehicle than an older model.

Bringing all your policies together will give you instant discounts. If you have to insure your car and your home and you have a life insurance policy, why not see if your insurance company gives a discount for additional policies.

Insuring more than one vehicle in the household will cut down on your insurance costs immediately. Multiple car discounts will give you a good head start to lower rates. If you have more than one vehicle in the household, having them all insured by the same company will get you a lower overall rate.

You could also be eligible for a discount if you have a child who is away at a school that is more than 100 miles away and is still covered under your car insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent to see if this discount is available through his or her company.

Keeping your credit score intact if it is good is important in getting discounted rates. If your credit report needs some work, get a copy and go through it first of all to make sure there aren’t any errors that are keeping you at a higher rate for nothing. If everything is correct start working on it right away. These reports are updated monthly and credit scores can be improved within six months to a year.

You should definitely compare discounts and premiums on several companies before you sign up with an insurance agent. Once you get a company that you are happy with, make sure that you keep your information updated. Your living and driving habits may change from when you first sign up and you may qualify for discounts that you aren’t even aware of.