How to obtain the best auto insurance discounts


Every automobile user will classify for some form of auto insurance discounts when applying for a policy. Understanding more about different available auto insurance discounts and streamlining the policy according to the requirement can help in getting a good deal with respect to the insurance policy. There are many discounts that insurance companies give to applicants to encourage them to buy more coverage from the insurance companies. While it may mean that the premium rates will be more than that with the bare necessity, having enough coverage is always necessary to be on the safer side when an unforeseen circumstance is met with.

Senior drivers and student drivers invariably pay more premium than other drivers, because insurance companies consider them as higher risk than other drivers, even if they have clean driving records. People with defective driving records pay higher premium rates than all other drivers, because of the traffic violations in the past. For every person insuring the car, there are a few things that will help in getting discounts in monthly premium rates, and better insurance quotes every year:

Driving Lessons:

If the driver of the automobile takes defensive driving lessons beforehand, and has a certificate of completion of the lesson at the time of applying for the policy, he or she will classify for defensive driving discounts. For people with poor driving records, taking corrective driving lessons may be beneficial in reducing premium rates. Although not on a large scale, corrective driving lessons can at least reduce the amount of increase in the premium rate, resulting from a recent traffic violation. Driving lessons can serve as special discount categories to young drivers and senior drivers alike. Because they have to pay slightly higher premium rates than the rest of the drivers, any act that will promote safe driving will qualify them for extra discounts.

Updating the Cars:

Changing the model of the car to the one insurance company suggests is a good idea, if updating the car is on the cards. Buying a car even if the old one is perfectly good, just to decrease the premium rates may not be a very good idea. But modifications to the car to make it more safe on the road, with all the safety equipments in place can definitely do its bit in reducing the premium rates. Also, in some cases, driving within the specified mileage limit of the insurance companies can classify the policy holders to subsequent discounts for the following months.

Group Insurance policies:

Group insurance policies involve a group of people insuring all their vehicles at the same insurance company. This may happen in the case of a community where all members enroll for insurance policies together or in an organization where the employees get special discount for registering together. In any case, this is a good way to get competitive insurance quotes and save more money every year. Insurance companies have a specified minimum number of people that should be present in group for the discounts to work.