Protect Your Insurance Policy from Fraudsters


If there are online transactions, there are also scammers lurking around every corner. You could very well become their next victim, if you are not being vigilant and thorough at all times. The economy is recovering, but the effects still linger, and with so many people experiencing a cash shortfall, we could only expect that frauds will continue to rise each year. Desperate and probably losers, these individuals will continue to do their shady tricks even at your own expense.

However, if there are bad people out there, we can’t help, but notice some notorious insurance companies as well. To help you identify the “bad apples,” here are a few things to keep in mind to protect yourself.

When You Are About To Buy A Car Insurance

Every business wants to deliver their message across by using various advertising tactics. You see them on Yellow Pages, huge street billboards, on TV, radio and even on the Internet. This is a common practice and not only insurers are doing this, but almost all companies as well.

However, if someone contacts you on the telephone, visit you for some door-to-door solicitation, and is extremely aggressive, it could be a sign that you are being played upon. It’s rare for large insurance organizations to harass you this way.

If you have just found the lowest insurance policy on Earth, but you think that the quote is just too good to be true, chances are, it is. While it’s possible to offer low insurance premium rates, be sure to look into the exclusions and deductible amount stated on that policy. If there are too many exclusions, this coverage will be almost useless should you file a claim in the future. This is a common tactic used by scammers, and even some companies to lure their victims, and only to find out that it’s not actually helping them to protect against financial obligations and legal tussles. The best way to protect yourself is to verify the legality of the company, and its performance at Better Business Bureau, or to your local state insurance department.

Before Signing the Contract

Before allowing yourself to be flooded by those catchy “free” services, make sure that they are truly free from ground up. Often times, these “free” services come in the form of towing or “gap insurance” and their corresponding fees are hidden deliberately in the fine print. Check this with your insurance agent to avoid confusion.

Furthermore, check if the insurer operates or imposes its own regulation when it comes to fixing your car. While it is legal to operate in this way, but such acts could be a tantamount to a conflict of interest. If they own and operate a repair shop, there is a possibility that the bills won’t come cheap or service rendered inferior. A good insurer must allow its clients to choose what repair shops to use. If you know a mechanic for 15 years, and your insurer won’t let you bring your car to that shop, better find another one.

So there you have it! Key points to remember how to protect yourself from scammers, and con artists that are more than happy to take your money away from you.