Rhode Island Auto Insurance Basics


Every state in the United States of America makes its own set of rules and regulations. Each of these regulations is aimed at keeping the citizens of the country and the state safe and secure. There are a number of rules and regulations to keep the motorist on the road very safe. Most of the states in America have made insurance compulsory. Insurance is proof that a motorist or a driver has enough finances to take the responsibility of an accident if he is in one.

Rhode Island is one such state with compulsory insurance. Insurance in this state is of the form of 25/50/25. The minimum liability fixed for motorists in the Rhode Island is twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury per accident per person. The total for bodily injury per accident is fifty thousand dollars. There should be a minimum of twenty five thousand dollars for any property damage caused. Property damage includes any damage caused to cars, lamp posts or buildings. Bodily Injury covers any medical costs for the injuries the accident might have caused him. It will also cover any lost wages.

Rhode Island has also made uninsured motorist coverage mandatory. Uninsured motorist coverage is a special kind of coverage. This insurance coverage will cover the costs of any damage that might have occurred to you in an accident caused by an uninsured driver. This is very important in states with a low percentage of insured motorists. However, carrying insurance with just the minimum liability will only get you out of any trouble with the law. What you need if you want protection on the roads is insurance with much higher sums. The insurance industry has shown that insurance claims are going very high today and the minimum amounts are no where close to be able to cover all the costs. The ideal sum would be a total of three hundred thousand dollars for bodily injury in an accident and a hundred thousand dollars per person per accident.

There are other kinds of insurance coverage as well. One such kind is collision damage insurance. In case of an accident, the minimum liability will ensure you pay for the other person. However, you will need your own car as well. Collision damage will take care of the costs of any damage that might have occurred to your car during the accident. It will cover any damage and for the repair. It will also cover replacements if needed. Some insurance policies even cover any lost wages.

Comprehensive damage is another very common form of insurance coverage. Your car might not be harmed only in an accident. There are many other hazards. Your car might be vandalized or might be damaged in hail storm. Comprehensive damage covers any damage to your car when it is not involved in an accident. This includes any damage to theft, vandalism. It will also cover damage due to natural agents such as hail, snow and rain.

Rhode Island has made these rules and regulations for the safety of the motorists. These rules must never be broken as you will be endangering somebody’s life. There are penalties for rule breaking in the state.