Filing a Hassle-free Insurance Claim


Auto insurance safeguards you and your family and your vehicles from accidents. While insurance is very necessary, claiming the insurance especially for significant amount of money can be quite challenging experience. You will have to go through a lot of paperwork and formalities in order to get your money. If you have opted for a higher deductible, then you will have to pay a large amount from your pocket that cannot be included in the claim.

Under any circumstance, call your insurance company to let them know about your incidence as soon as it happens. Every insurance company has a different rule to file a claim depending on the state you reside in. You can talk to your insurance agent about the process and procedures you will have to follow when you file a claim.

First and foremost requirement is for you to fill up a proof of claim form. Fill out this form very carefully describing every minute detail of the incidence along with sufficient proof of everything you mention on the form. Proof may be in the form of pictures of the vehicle damages taken just after the accident, written statements from all the people involved in the accident, police reports if there were any, and your own declaration of the accident. All these documents are very necessary to make your claims a hassle free experience.

If the insurance company has insufficient data at any time of the claim, then the time for processing your claim and releasing your insurance money can be too long. Immediately after the accident make sure all people involved are safe. When you take the pictures of the vehicle, make sure it is clear and it depicts the exact damage occurred to the vehicles, from all angles. Submit all of these along with your proof if claim form. Talk to your insurance company regarding how to fill out the form, if you have any doubts. Any wrong entry in the form can further delay the processes.

Ask your insurance company if there are any time constraints for you to file the claim. Ask if you have to provide any special documents if needed. Usually your insurance company will let you know about all the documents they need immediately when they know of the incidence. Along with all these documents, it is important for you to carry copies of all bills related to the accident. If you have called for the ambulance, have proof of it when you submit for the claim. If you have paid for any bills regarding treatment and damage repairs from your pocket, make sure you have all copies of bills for the same.

Ask your insurance company if they need estimates of the cost of repairing the damage of your car. Usually, it is better you provide the estimate when you file for the claim, so that there won’t be any delays in releasing your money. Get the estimate from an authentic source along with the acknowledgement from the repairing company.

Another important thing for you to know is whether or not your insurance company covers the costs of rental car. It can take a long time for your car to be repaired and you might have to take rental car for that period of time. This additional coverage adds a very low amount to your premium every month, which makes it a worthy addition.