Traffic Laws and Auto Insurance – Drive Safe and Pay Less


Auto insurance can be really helpful and easy to handle too, if your premium amount is not too high to pay every month. One of the most basic and important reasons of your premium rates to go high is related to your driving records. Your insurance company will keep a check on your driving record regularly, to see if there are any traffic violations. The minute they find one, they will get ready to collect more monthly premium from you, as they consider you to be a risky driver. Traffic rules and the way they affect your premium rates differ by state. Generally, offenses that classify you as a more risky driver can affect your premium rates really bad, and some minor traffic offenses and one-time only offenses, though they affect your premium rates, do not evidently change it.

Speeding and reckless driving

Speeding is an offence that can get you a traffic ticket and a fine amount, if caught. Every time you get a speeding ticket, your insurance company can increase your premium rate by the designated percentage. Sometimes, when you break the speeding rules in sensitive areas like school zone or industrial area or even village and city limits, then it is considered as reckless driving and you can get points on your driving license along with fine. If you are speeding more than 15 counts than designated speeding, then you are considered a reckless driver. If you get more than 5 points, then your license will get suspended. Getting points on your driving license can have huge effects on your premium rates. Your insurance company can increase your premium rates by up to 27% for over speeding and can increase it by up to 50% for reckless driving. If you get multiple traffic tickets within a year, then your premium amounts can be doubled.

Driving Under Influence

Driving under influence is a violation that can do more damages than just getting you a traffic ticket. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, then it is a serious offense since the danger you pose to other drivers is big. If caught, this offense can get your license suspended and even can get you arrested in some states. The fine amount is set very high for this and it can send your premium rates soaring to skies.

Minor traffic offenses

Minor traffic offenses can also affect your premium rates, depending on the state you live in. Illegal parking can get you a ticket and increase your premium rates. Jumping a red light or failure to yield at signals and turns can also increase your premium rates since they can get you a traffic violation ticket. Other minor offenses include transporting oversized goods in your car, driving a damaged car without proper brakes and lights, which are not considered serious offenses but are serious enough to increase your premium rates. Be sure to go through traffic rules of particular states you are driving through, before you hit the road.

Traffic offenses can do more harm than just increased premium rates. With every traffic law you break, you can out yourself and others on the road to dangers of accidents. Insurance claims can really be a frustrating process, so it is best if avoided. This can be done on your end by ensuring that you heed to all traffic rules without fail, and keeping your driving records clean.