Auto insurance for classic and vintage vehicles


Classic car insurance is very difference from general auto insurance. With the exception of the reason for buying the auto insurance cover almost everything else is different.

What are classic and vintage cars?

A classic or vintage car can is typically a vehicle that is a few decades old. Classics, antique vehicles, collectible vehicles, custom built trucks, street rods, pro street race cars, and replicas are all considered under this bracket.

The need for different insurance plans

Auto insurance for a classic or vintage car is very different from normal cars since these cars appreciate with time. Most cars of today will depreciate with time and their market value will keep dropping till they end up in a junk yard waiting to be demolished and reused as scrap metal. A classic car on the other hand gets more expensive with each passing day; in fact the primary deciding factor on a classic vehicle is the age. A 1969 Camaro which could have been yours for $12,500 a few years ago will cost you approximately $100000 in today’s market.

Distance driven

Most owners of classic vehicles never cross the 1000 miles a year mark since the vehicle is more of a status symbol than a vehicle to take you from place A to place B. Owners of classic and vintage vehicles treat their vehicles with utmost care and will rarely allow anyone to even touch the vehicle, leave alone drive it. Auto insurance companies offer benefits to such drivers and offer different policies based on the amount the vehicle is used. Common denominators are $1000 miles, $3000 miles and $5000 miles a year. This condition is mentioned on your insurance policy and the odometer reading at the time of purchase of the policy is also noted to ensure compliance.

Auto insurance companies specializing in insuring classic vehicles

Most specialized auto insurance types have their own auto insurance companies. You can always insure your classic vehicle with a general auto insurance company, although many of them don’t accept classics, some of them consider them high risk and charge a very high premium and rest just offer you a standard insurance plan which will do you nor your classic vehicle no good.

Auto insurance companies which specialize in insuring classic and vintage cars take the trouble to understand their customer’s sentiments towards their vehicles and also acknowledge the fact that they have special needs. Many of these auto insurance companies are run by or employ a follow classic vehicle enthusiast so as to connect with their customers.

Customer service at such an insurance company

Auto insurance at such a company has a lot of benefits; the auto insurance company offers you these benefits as a customer retention program. A customer who sticks around for longer is sure to spread the word among his other friends with classic and vintage vehicles from which the auto insurance company gains not only your assured business but also the assured business of all those whom you refer.

Group insurance

People who own classic cars generally tend to be collectors with more than one vehicle; Owners of classics also are more likely to be a part of a classic or vintage club. This directly translates to a greater number of policies sold to the insurance company, and they will reward you with discounts and lower premiums in exchange for helping them with the increased business you have got them.