Springfield Auto Insurance in Arkansas

Collision insurance is a very important part of Springfield car insurance. Most people compromise on this and opt for Springfield auto insurance coverage in Arkansas with just minimal legal requirements. In such cases, your Springfield auto insurance coverage will not be able to help you in case of collisions.

Understanding collision auto insurance in Springfield, Arkansas

Filing a claim for collision insurance is not as simple as it seems, one needs to understand the types of collisions that insurance companies accept in Springfield, Arkansas and also how fault is determined. Understanding how collision insurance works can help you to chose the right plan and cover for your auto insurance policy and even stay protected in the event of a crash.

For accidents involving collision insurance companies find the driver who was at fault. Based on the scene of the accident, the damage to both cars, and the statements recorded from by standers and eye witnesses' insurance companies determine with which of the drivers the predetermined fault lays.

Two types of collisions considered in Springfield, Arkansas

Rear end collision involves one car colliding with the other from the rear. As a standard practice worldwide the driver who car at the rear is at fault. Every driver must maintain a safe distance from the previous car in order to keep for a buffer time to brake and avoid an accident, in a rear end collision it is resumed that the driver at the back didn't maintain a sufficient distance or was not alert while driving.

Like most rules, this one has an exception too. If the driver in the front doesn't have functioning taillights or didn't have them on in the night, the driver at the rear can appeal for a transfer of fault to the first car; however proving that the driver's taillights were not in use can be an ordeal.

Left turn collision involves one car colliding with the other from the side. Under normal circumstances the fault lies with the driver who was making the left turn by default. Cars moving n a straight road are granted the right of way and any car making a turn must wait for the car going straight to pass before it can proceed on its way.

If either of the drivers broke a signal the fault is transferred to them. Fore example a car turning left may be found innocent if the car going straight had cut a red light.


Collision cases often end up as lawsuits when it can't be determined whose fault the accident was, or if one party doesn't agree upon a mutual agreement of fault between both parties and their insurance companies. During a lawsuit your insurance company will hire a lawyer and advocate your case before the magistrate; this endeavor is an attempt to prove you innocent and transfer fault and onus of damages caused to the other parties insurance company.

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