Houston Auto Insurance in Arkansas

Every Houston car insurance company should comply with the state specified minimums. Don't opt for Houston car insurance coverage in Arkansas that does not meet this requirement since it will not be legally binding. Read through the fine print of the Houston auto insurance coverage you have and make sure you hold a valid coverage.

Minimum requirements for Houston auto insurance coverage in Arkansas

Every state has a different minimum requirement for auto insurance policies. It is important that you maintain your coverage above or at the minimum levels prescribed by the state that you live in, failing which you can be fined or your driving license can be suspended. In cases where you meet with an accident without a proper auto insurance coverage, you can even be imprisoned.

The minimum bodily injury coverage required in the state of Arkansas is 25000$ per person injured in the accident and 50000$ for all the people injured in the accident. This means that for every person injured as a result of the accident, each person can be paid to the extent of 25000$. And for all the people injured in the accident, the maximum amount that will be given out by the insurance company is 50000$. Now this minimum coverage is barely enough to cover for a major accident. Hence it is imperative that you take more auto insurance coverage if you can afford it.

The minimum property damage coverage prescribed by the state is 25000$. The word property implies all the inanimate objects that have been damaged as a result of the accident. This can include the vehicles, the other objects like walls, lamp posts, sign boards etc. and also the objects present inside the vehicles can also be covered under this policy in Houston, Arkansas.

There is also required medical expense or first party benefits that you have to take out. You are required to take this sort of coverage so that it pays you without regard to fault. Irrespective of which party was at fault in the accident, you will be paid for the basic needs. This could include payment of medical and hospital benefits, and funeral expenses that are incurred within 24 months of an accident. the maximum limit would be 5000$ per person. And this will also reimburse up to 70% of the loss of income from work after 8 days of the accident. And this will not extend beyond 152 weeks. And also, the maximum reimbursement will be only 140$ per week. And also if there is an accidental death, the reimbursement will be to the tune of 5000$ in Houston, Arkansas.

Be aware that not driving with this basic coverage anywhere in Houston, Arkansas is a felony. And you can be imprisoned if caught committing a traffic violation while not being sufficiently covered with basic auto insurance.

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