Knoxville Auto Insurance in Iowa

Knoxville car insurance companies compete with each other to attract a larger number of women as their customers since they are considered to be safe drivers. Hence, women looking for Knoxville auto insurance coverage in Iowa will not have to look far for the best Knoxville auto insurance coverage at affordable rates.

Knoxville auto insurance for women in Iowa

Auto insurance for women and men is different. Of course the cover needed and the extent of cover will stay the same, however the insurance premiums defer.

Women drivers

Gone are the days when women behind the wheels were the base of many jokes; much to the dismay of many men women drivers' are offered lower insurance premiums. Women drivers are statistically proven to make fewer insurance claims than men, thus making them a low risk client for an investment company whose profits soar due to a lack of insurance claims.

Women also tend to be less aggressive, and drive in a far more sedate and defensive manner than men. Generally women drive smaller cars which are cheaper in the market and hence attract a lower insurance premium.

Getting insured as a woman driver

In Knoxville, Iowa most women dread a trip to the insurance salesman, women are good drivers but don't generally tend to be too adept with their cars functioning. Insurance agents take advantage of this fact to push the customer to take a bigger policy than she needs. Hence as a woman driver it is imperative that you learn what cover and what extent of cover you will require before you visit an insurance broker. Better still, go online and purchase your insurance; you can save time, money and a lot of hassle. Request five insurance quotes from a comparison website and study them, make sure to go through the fine print carefully. A comparison website allows you to view and compare up to five quotes at a time, making it much easier to spot which one is best for your need and budget.

Extent of cover

Extent of cover is an enigma to most people although very simple to understand. You need to keep your extent of cover above the minimum state limit of $40000 for bodily harm and $15000 for property damage for your vehicle to be legal in Knoxville, Iowa.

Discounts for women

Many women get massive discounts on their auto insurance premiums, and you should too! Insurance companies offer discounts on auto insurance based on your profession, age, driver's record, vehicle etc. Teachers, single mothers, women in the armed forces, and women with spotless drivers records can get a handsome discount if they request one.

One area specifically important in this aspect is safety gear, if your car has been fitted with safety equipment like better tires, ABS or anything that improves safety be sure to ask for a discount based on their installation.

Local auto insurance quotes in your area can help you compare car insurance quotes for auto insurance coverage in all of the following ZIP codes in Knoxville


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