Salem Auto Insurance in Iowa

Salem car insurance for modified cars may burn a hole in your pocket depending on the type of modification you have done to the car. It always helps to know what the Salem auto insurance companies in Iowa will look out for when they consider insuring these cars. This will help you save quite an amount of money that you would have otherwise had to spend on your Salem auto insurance for your modified car.

Modified car auto insurance in Salem, Iowa

Modified cars can be of two types, those with cosmetic modifications such as decals, louder mufflers, a top of the line sound system and those with performance modifications such as a better engine, bigger carburetor, free flow intake and exhaust pipes etc.

Both kinds of modified cars are of a significantly higher value in the market, a good custom modification can even cost as much and at times more than the car itself; which makes it much more prone to theft. Also drivers of such modified cars tend to be enthusiasts who are more likely to be involved in a high speed crash rather than a fender bender.

Higher premiums

These factors make insuring such a vehicle a risk for an insurance company. What's to be remembered is that insurance companies are large corporations which work on profit, if they make a lot of large cash payouts based on claims they are sure to suffer losses. Therefore most insurance companies abstain from insuring modified vehicles, while some insure them but at a much higher associated premium.

What you can do

There are a few companies you can contact in and about Salem, Iowa who specialize in insuring high risk drivers and modified cars. Such companies understand you as an enthusiast and trust you to be a mature driver; however you would need a clean driver's record.

A driver's record with road accidents and traffic violations confirms the companies doubt that you might be a rash driver and if this is the scenario there's mighty little you can do; although there is still hope.

Take a driver's education course, many courses which are approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles can help you get in the good books of your auto insurance company and show them that you are indeed a responsible driver.


The best news for the owner of a modified car is that not all modifications are bad for your premium; some modifications can help you decrease your premium, or alternatively get discounts on your premium. Head out to an auto insurance company in Salem, Iowa and discuss the possibilities with them. Features such as better tires, roll bars, ABS, better brakes, upgrading to disc brakes for older muscle cars, are known to get the driver a decent discount on accord of the safety he or she has added to the car. Get an anti theft system installed, not only will it protect your car from theft, it will also help you to get discounts from your auto insurance company.

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