Affordable Insurance for Teen Drivers


When it comes to high insurance premiums, teen drivers are not exempted. The fact that they are considered as high-risk drivers, is already enough to skyrocket the rates. But did you know that affordable and cheap insurance is still possible for this age group? By showing the insurance providers that they are less risky than their other peers, discounts are not hard to come by.

It’s good to know that our teen drivers now have a number of choices when it comes to discounts. Unlike before where there were only few insurers willing to extend teen discounts, today is a bit different. Having said that, if your current insurer is not offering you one, why don’t you shop around and look for insurance companies that reward your effort for being a responsible driver on the road.

Good Student Discount – Most insurers will reward your effort if you do well in school. On the average, GPA score of 3.0 or more will entitle you as much as 25% discount. Ask your insurer how much they are willing to scratch off from your current rate for having such grade. All you need to do is to send your report card for evaluation. But before you do that, make sure to ask if they offer good student discount. If not, you may have to shop around to find another insurance company.

Enroll In Driving School – Ask your insurance provider if they give discounts for having attended a driving course or program. Although you are required by the state to attend one to qualify for a license, but there’s no harm in trying. All you have to do is to fax or send a copy of the certificate to get as much as 10% off the current price.

Additionally, ask your insurer if they will honor if you have taken defensive training classes. In this course, you will learn the basic safety precautions on the road, which the insurance companies are known to honor such effort. The course takes about four to eight hours and cost less than $100, some even $15. You can either take this course in person or online.

Safety Discounts – If you installed safety devices in your car, you are entitled for some price reductions.  All you have to do is to bring your car to your local car shop and select the devices you want to be installed. Some of these devices will cost you money, but you could use the usual and cheap car alarm systems. Either way, it’s a worthwhile investment, and you will be rewarded for taking these extra efforts to protect your vehicle. There’s another type of safety discount and can be availed only if you are not involved in any car accident each year.

Group and Association Discounts – If you belong to an accredited group or organization, you may be able to reap some discounts. Associations such as fraternities, sororities, military groups, etc. are included. Contact your local insurance agent and ask about it. Most of the time, the cost to join these organizations is just pennies compared to the benefits you get from them.