Auto Insurance Guide Archive for May, 2012

  • Rules to be followed on the US roads for a new comer

    by Hayden Krueger

    Driving in the continental US is not that easy & simple & knowing the road or traffic rules is pretty important for anyone who is not familiar with such rules. For a person coming from a different part of the world & adapting the road rules in the US can be tough. Also it can be a case with someone visiting the US & renting a car to move around the country. More importantly getting accustomed to the car is also a challenging issue if the person is from a part of the world where the controls are assembled in a different manner. As for instance if someone belongs to Europe there would problems adjusting some of the controls which are around the steering instead the dash.

    However people coming from anywhere should get a good knowledge about the driving & road rules as the penalties to be incurred in … Click here to read more

  • General information about car Insurance policies & premium rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    A policy holder should always be aware of all the factors which might negatively affect the insurance rates of their automobiles or vehicles. More importantly a policy holder who possesses a vehicle should also know how to lower the price of the auto insurance. This in turn could help to raise the savings of the individual. Gathering a bit of information prior to any commitment could help the policy holder immensely. Primarily one should try & focus on the several popular or reputably notable companies that provide comparatively the best auto insurance features along with maximum coverage at an affordable rate. Also it is important to check on the insurance provider regarding products such as multi-family packs or heavy discounts on multi policy purchase.

    Before purchasing auto insurance the policy holder is advised to check with the companies that are associated with any insurance provider offering discounts on car insurances … Click here to read more