Auto Insurance Guide Archive for October, 2011

  • A comparison between senior and teen drivers

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance premium rates are different for every individual driver. It depends on the number of cars the driver has, the age group of the driver, the area of residence, the driving record and a number of other things. Insurance companies always go by the statistics to analyze the risks of the driver who is seeking the auto insurance and decide the premium rates. According to the statistics of the insurance companies, senior drivers and student drivers are the most risky drivers on roads, and so they have to end up paying higher premium rates than the rest of the drivers for their insurance policies.

    Senior drivers are generally more experienced than student drivers, so they are more careful in roads and can avoid accidents better. But it always helps to take defensive driving lessons, since it will help strengthen the reflexes, and avoid other driver’s mistakes while driving. It … Click here to read more

  • Managing high auto insurance premiums effectively

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance shopping is mandatory for everyone who own automobile in USA, since it is a rule that every driver must have auto insurance. Auto insurance that offers sufficient coverage usually comes with slightly higher monthly premium rates. Monthly premium rates are monthly payments that the insurance policy holder makes to the auto insurance company, to avail the coverage needed. These premium rates depend upon a number of different things, including the amount for which the vehicle has been insured:

    • Premium rates depend upon the area of residence. Some areas are more prone to natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, all of which can cause harm to the vehicle. So insurance companies charge a high premium rate to make up for the sensitive area of residence.
    • Premium rates depend upon the kind of vehicle, since some cars are statistically shown to me more vulnerable to accidents on roads. Sports cars,
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  • Availing cheaper rates on your auto insurance premiums

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance need not be expensive always. If you know some of the auto insurance basics, then you can easily draw up a policy that will have adequate coverage without actually burning a hole in your pocket. When you approach your auto insurance carrier or even you insurance agent, there are a number of things they will not reveal when you come to them asking for insurance coverage. The first and foremost thing to do would be to know the minimum auto insurance coverage required in your state. After you get to know that, you may apply for the quotes online.

    Once you get multiple quotes, you can compare these quotes and check to see if you have got the right amount of coverage. Just the minimum prescribed by the state will be of no use if you have a car that is brand new. Hence, you must talk to … Click here to read more

  • Information women need to know prior to purchasing car insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Car insurance is an expensive affair and hence there are some people who tend to avoid purchasing insurance although it is mandatory. Women are far luckier when it comes to car insurance as they generally end up paying lesser premiums when compared to their male counterparts. This is because auto insurance companies see women as safe drivers. Women are known to cause lesser accidents on the roads when compared to men. Hence, most of the auto insurance companies offer lesser premium rates because women make lesser claims.

    However, women must also follow some useful tips in order to ensure that they are able to avail cheaper rates. Some of the useful tips are given below:

    –          While applying for comprehensive auto insurance women must exclude the male drivers in the family if they wish to avail a further reduction in rates.

    –          Since teenagers belong to the high-risk groups, it … Click here to read more

  • Auto insurance types customers can choose from

    by Hayden Krueger

    Buying just any auto insurance policy is not the right thing to do, to get maximum protection while driving. Buying the right kind of insurance policy ensures that the driver and the automobile is covered and protected in the event of unforeseen circumstance. There are many different insurance policies that are designed to provide choice to people and to customize the coverage depending upon what every individual drivers needs. Customizing insurance policy gives the driver the freedom to select the policies wanted and cancel the ones that are not needed. Some of the basic insurance policies are listed below to give a better understanding:

    Liability Insurance:

    Liability insurance is most basic auto insurance and it is mandatory to have this to drive in USA. Third party liability insurance protects other drivers on road in case of collision, if the policy holder is at fault. Liability insurance pays for the damages … Click here to read more

  • Obtain instant online auto insurance quotes with ease

    by Hayden Krueger

    Shopping for auto insurance is the only way to ensure that you get the best rates. Unless you shop around, you will not know what to expect. Car insurance rates will vary to a large degree from one insurance carrier to another. Even if you obtain quotes for the same model and make with the same driving record, the rates will vary from one state to another and from one insurance provider to another.

    If you wish to get the best rates instantly, you should ideally go to any of the websites where you can get multiple quotes. After you obtain the quotes, you may compare them and then arrive at a decision.

    Shopping online is the simplest and the most convenient way to obtain a policy. Before you can apply for the quotes, you must be aware of the minimum liability coverage that is required as per state laws. … Click here to read more

  • Variables that dictate auto insurance premium rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    Have you ever wondered why someone who drives the same car as you and has been insured by the same auto insurance firm pays a lesser premium than you? This is a pretty common situation and there are several factors that come into play here. Calculation of auto insurance premium is based on scientific research, social statistics and a host of other related points. The crux of the issue is that the calculations are based on risk factors. Risk factors are never constant- neither are they very small in number. These issues are related to the vehicle you drive, the place where you live and most importantly to you as a person- what risk you represent to the auto insurance firm. This is a run through of important factors that influence auto insurance rates.

    • Age
      The driver’s age plays an important in determining rate of insurance. The basic premise being
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  • Car insurance – don’t pay more than you need to

    by Hayden Krueger

    Purchasing a car and buying the corresponding car insurance is an almighty chore. Auto insurance is an absolute must but it’s wise to cut down on the insurance amount as much as possible – in sensible ways of course. The trick is to cut costs without compromising on the quality of your insurance. The one thing that you must never do is to get hold of cheap policies from a bucket shop company: It’ll have more loopholes than bugs in the attic. Result? You’ll end up paying huge out of pocket expenses in the event of an accident. Take these tips as a reference point to put some cost cutting measures in place.

    1. If you drive a very old car, don’t bother with collision coverage. Collision coverage will pay for the cash value of the car-which will not be too much if the car is an old one. So you
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  • Insurance rates – Not a ‘one size fits all’ concept

    by Hayden Krueger

    I bet you’re thinking about how you and the insufferably smug neighbor own the same kind of car and so both of you probably pay the same auto insurance rates, right? Wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Insurance rates are calculated on the basis of complex inter-play between several factors. Understanding how these factors work will help you select wisely. Though the main factors are common to all insurance companies, the rates offered are often different. The following inputs are taken into account before calculating an applicant’s auto insurance rates:

    1. Age: Drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 are considered more risky than older drivers. The tendency to be brash and ‘cool’ to their pals encourages younger drivers to cause more accidents than drivers of other ages. The 26 to 55 years age groups of drivers are considered the safest. Again, very elderly drivers might need
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  • How not to spend all your time paying for driving offences

    by Hayden Krueger

    There is a bridgeless chasm between knowing how to drive and being a good driver. You must understand that safe and efficient driving depends on two things: How you handle the car and your ability to follow traffic laws. Have a look at this list of familiar driving traps.

    • Adjust your driving seat according to your height. Don’t sit on the steering wheel and don’t sit so far back either that your feet can’t touch the pedals. The rear view mirror should show traffic behind you clearly- it’s not for putting on lipstick. Make sure your seat belt is on. Lock the doors and switch on child lock if there are children with you. Don’t let any kids sit in your lap and drive. If you have a baby, use a bay seat. Keep pets in the backseat- don’t have a big dog poking his body out of the window
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  • How to maximize auto insurance discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    Since auto insurance is a compulsory investment for every car owner, why not select an insurance that gives you maximum value for your money? Discounts are not always obvious on the contact. There are several ways of cutting costs on insurance policies once you understand how to go about the process. Taking out the time to examine auto insurance quotes from different auto insurance providers will offer a wide field to choose from. The fine print in these contracts can be intimidating- usually there are reams of small print to wade through. Read through one and jot down the important coverage policies that are relevant to you. Then go about getting insurance quotes for those particular insurance policies. Here’s how you can learn to cut down your premium levels:

    • Car related (age, model, safety and anti-theft features)The older your car the less you will be able to collect in the
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