A comparison between senior and teen drivers


Auto insurance premium rates are different for every individual driver. It depends on the number of cars the driver has, the age group of the driver, the area of residence, the driving record and a number of other things. Insurance companies always go by the statistics to analyze the risks of the driver who is seeking the auto insurance and decide the premium rates. According to the statistics of the insurance companies, senior drivers and student drivers are the most risky drivers on roads, and so they have to end up paying higher premium rates than the rest of the drivers for their insurance policies.

Senior drivers are generally more experienced than student drivers, so they are more careful in roads and can avoid accidents better. But it always helps to take defensive driving lessons, since it will help strengthen the reflexes, and avoid other driver’s mistakes while driving. It also helps them judge the situation and react positively to avoid accidents. This will make them safer on roads, and the insurance companies will offer discounts on the premium rates of drivers who have the course completion certificates. Senior drivers often do not drive cars that have very fast pickup, or sports cars which makes them safer than the teen drivers. So, senior drivers get to pay less than the teen drivers, who tend to drive fast cars or sports car models. Having car models that are approved by insurance companies to be safe on roads can get bonus discount points, and help in reducing the premium rates.

Senior drivers tend to use their cars very little, since they do not like to drive around all day. Teen and student drivers however like to drive around a lot, since they will be in the learning curve and would like to experience driving around. Insurance companies have discounts for drivers who use their cars less frequently and keep the mileage within the limits set by the insurance companies. Senior drivers naturally get to pay less than the teen drivers, when it comes to keeping within the mileage limits. Teen drivers have fresh driving records and get discounts for having clean driving records for a complete year. Teel drivers also get discounts for having good GPAs in their college, and also get student discounts if they have a valid university ID. Seniors do not have that privilege, so they need to keep their driving records as perfect as possible.

Both teen drivers and senior drivers can benefit from group enrollment policies, or enrolling with their family members. The more cars the insurance companies get to insure the more discounts the policy holders get. Purchasing add on policy can substantially bring down the premium rates for both teen and senior drivers. Purchasing coverage that suits, irrespective of the age group of the driver is mandatory in order to be prepared and protected. Insurance policies should be reviewed regularly to save money and avail fresh discounts that the insurance companies provide. Making regular premium payments is essential in order to get complete benefits of insurance policies.