Tennessee Auto Insurance Coverage


If you own any vehicle, an auto insurance coverage is must for you. The apt coverage for you will be the coverage that is affordable as well as gives you maximum benefits like medical expenses, insured’s investment in the value of owned autos and coverage against legal liabilities. So, before you select an auto insurance coverage for yourself, there are certain basic requirements that you need to know.

Whenever you drive on the road, you do not drive with the intention to cause any harm. But human beings are bound to cause folly and accidents may happen. The coverage that you select should be capable enough to give you optimum protection. If you cause any bodily injury to any person or even death, you need a considerable amount of coverage to overcome the liability. Therefore, your policy should be capable of paying you the requisite money. $25,000 is the minimum liability requirement for any one person. In case of damage to somebody else property the minimum requirement is $10,000 and around $50,000 to any other person damage.

In Tennessee it is really important to have insurance ID, policy declaration page or insurance binder in case the police stop you for checking. Failure of its production can lead you into serious troubles. Failure of the production of the insurance proof can land you in prison, hefty fines or suspension of license.

Tennessee does not require PIP that is, Personal Injury Protection policy. Almost all the companies offer the same, but you can give it in writing that you wish to decline this option. This policy provides shield to the owner of the vehicle, family of the driver and other’s involved in the accident. They offer you protection when you cause some accident. However, it is very important that your body must be protected against any tragedy that may happen. Any unwary or drunk driver may hit you to cause you bodily injury as well as huge medical expenses. A personal injury protection policy can help to give coverage to you as well as others seated in your car. It will take care of you medical bills and let you recover peacefully without fretting your nerves about the bills that you will have to pay at the time of being discharged. Funeral and lost wages expenses are even included in this policy cover.

Liability coverage is also applicable in Tennessee. In case you are held liable of causing harm to any one else, your auto insurance can help you come out of the money mess. Usually, when you cause bodily harm to any one, you are liable to bear the medical expenses of that person till the time he walks out fit from the hospital. At such time your insurance will provide you with the money required to cover up the damage.

Collision Coverage you are safeguarded against the expenses of repair of you car as well the vehicle in which you banged in. this saves you from a sudden financial and emotional crunch.