Tennessee Auto Insurance Basics


Do you live in Tennessee and are planning to buy an automobile? Make sure you know all about the Tennessee auto insurance basics. Auto Insurance is a MUST before you take your vehicle on the road. You may end up in prison for fined heavily for not having auto insurance for your vehicle. It is not optional like the life or medical insurance. Auto insurance is not only important for you but also for the others on the road.

There are several types of auto insurance policies available with various insurance companies to choose from. The most common type of auto insurance policy is liability. The limit for individual liability policy in Tennessee for bodily injuries is $25,000 for one person. For all bodily injuries the limit is $50,000 and for property damage it is $10,000. Under this policy the car driver is covered and the company bears the expenses of the damage caused by them. Tennessee auto insurance basics do not necessitate the purchase of personal injury protection. Tennessee makes use of Tort system to determine the guilty for paying out the expenses of the damages. Drivers who are responsible for the accidents are responsible to pay out the expenses. He/ she can be sued for medically expenses or lost wages.

Tennessee is quite strict about the auto insurance laws. In case you are stopped for violating traffic rules or is involved in an accident. The drivers have insurance proofs in the form of insurance ID card, policy declaration page or insurance binder. In case you have purchased a liability in lieu of the bond or cash deposit, a certificate of due amount paid is a must! In case you fail to produce these proofs it may result in license suspension or fines. In case you are labeled as Class C misdemeanor that is, convicted for driving without insurance you are sure to witness many severe penalties.

You can choose the best auto insurance policy by comparing the quotes of various insurance companies. You can avoid running from one insurance provider to another by asking for quotes online. This way you get the opportunity to negotiate and bag in the best Tennessee auto insurance deal.

The auto insurance generally is deemed expensive as one is supposed to pay a high premium. The damages are never paid fully you, will always be paid a certain percentage of the damages. The amount of premiums largely depends on the driver’s age and the type of car. More expensive the car is the more premium you are supposed to pay. And in case the driver has past accident records, speeding tickets or under 25 years of age the premium ought to be high. With the parking place the premium amount varies. If you park your vehicle in a garage, the amount of premium levied on you is less and in case you park your vehicle outside, owing to the large number of theft and accidents the rate of premium is extremely high.