New Hampshire Auto Insurance Coverage


Every state in the United States has different rules and regulations for motorists. All of these laws are aimed at making the motor way a safe place to be driving. New Hampshire is a state that is slightly different from the other states. New Hampshire, along with Wisconsin advises all its motorists to have an auto insurance policy to cover them. However, there is no law that makes it mandatory to carry an auto insurance policy. However, not every one is exempted from carrying an auto insurance policy.

It is mandatory for a few people to carry an auto insurance policy. These include drivers who have been convicted of driving under influence. If you have accumulated a set number of Demerit Points from the DMV, you need to carry an auto insurance policy. The first DWI conviction makes it mandatory to have liability for three years and the second conviction would make it mandatory for five years.

The recommended auto insurance policy is of the 25/50/25 form. This is where the minimum bodily injury liability per person is twenty five thousand. The total bodily injury liability is fifty thousand with a maximum of two persons and property damage liability of twenty five thousand. It is also recommended to have uninsured/ underinsured motorist bodily injury liability for twenty five thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars respectively.

Are you planning to rent out a car in New Hampshire? If so, insurance would depend on your rental company. A few companies require rental car insurance while others do not. In case you do have to go in for rental car insurance, some of the options include a loss damage waiver or LDW, liability insurance at an additional cost. It might also include personal accident insurance and personal effects coverage.

The additional cost for liability insurance might be around seven to fifteen dollars a night. Your car company decides which of these is necessary and mandatory. If you are required to carry an auto insurance policy in New Hampshire, you have to have an auto insurance policy or have a credit card that can cover your financial liabilities. If not, you will have to buy a policy from the rental car company.

If you own a policy in the state of New Hampshire, a few members from your household can be excluded from the policy. You can exclude them as well. The members of your household will be excluded from the policy if they do not have access to your vehicle or are not going to be driving it. Exclusion from the policy means, you are freeing the insurance company from paying the damages when the excluded person was in an accident.

The state of New Hampshire has not made it mandatory for its citizens to have auto insurance. Therefore, there are no penalties or fines if a person lets his previous insurance lapse. However, this is not advisable. In case you are in an accident when your auto insurance policy has lapsed, the insurance company will not pay for your damages. You are, of course, buying auto insurance for protection against such an event.