Do Cheap Insurance Quotes For Teen Drivers Really Exist?


The idea of cheap insurance quotes is very much relative to the individual’s personal opinion. For instance, some families find $150 a pocket change, while the others would struggle to have that same amount. In short, cheap insurance quotes depend on how much an individual is willing to pay.

Insurance companies are known to use the actuarial tables to determine the policyholder’s level of risks. Accordingly, teen male drivers are usually a lot riskier than their female peers. Until today, we could not find a neat solution except to deal with it. However, it is not the end of the world because there are ways to lower insurance premium costs by following the tips below.

Have some professional driving training

There was a time when the driver’s education is being offered in public schools, and the fact that it was free and good quality, many of the teen drivers were able to take advantage of that offer. Unfortunately, due to the dwindling budget with regard to free driving training, most of the public schools that once offered these free services were no longer available. Those students who were looking for driving training programs must be ready themselves to pay for a substantial amount in order to take part. This is really a sad story considering that a lot of our parents do not have the so-called excess budget for such expenses.

Since you are paying for the driving training programs conducted by public schools, why not enroll into a private training school instead. Regardless of the school that your teen driver is enrolled in, he or she must be able to learn how to handle emergencies on the road. This is important, because insurance providers are known to extend discounts for young drivers who have been taking lessons from professional driving schools that teach their students how to handle similar cases.

The importance of following road laws

This is probably the most important thing that your teen driver needs to remember all the time. Insurance providers are closely monitoring teen driving activities because of their limited driving experience, and their tendency to do stupid things behind the wheel, leading to moving violations or accidents. This fact alone is enough to cause an increase in insurance premiums for teen drivers. This is the reason why parents should remind their young drivers to avoid even minor infractions at all times. If you see your teen driver doing what he is not supposed to do, do not hesitate to call his attention, or take the car keys the first time he gets a speeding ticket or other forms of violations. This will serve him as a reminder that anything he does on the road will be struck on his driving history. You should also remind him that driving is not a right but a privilege.

Affordable insurance premiums for good students

You may have heard this idea before that insurers reward students who are performing well in school. This means that if he maintains a high GPA score, this could potentially cut his auto insurance premiums from 10 to 30%, depending on the insurance company. This will also serve as a motivator for everyone to improve their grades, which translates into helping their parents to find affordable insurance coverage.

Choose the right vehicle

The type or model of the vehicle that your teen driver is carrying has a major impact on the insurance cost. In general, cheap vehicles get cheaper premiums. Therefore, if you want to save money on insurance premiums, do not provide a luxury or sports car to your teen driver. It is also important to remember that a vehicle with all the safety devices installed in such as side airbags or antitheft sensors will always yield cheaper insurance for teen drivers. The reason why SUVs or sports cars are expensive to insure is that when they get into an accident, it is going to be very costly in terms of insurance claims or would result to fatalities due to the vehicle’s massive size.