Requesting For Auto Insurance Quotes: No Need for Identifying Information


If you are concerned about your security or privacy when shopping online, you are not alone. In this article, we are going to discuss privacy issues and the possibility of requesting insurance quotes without having to resort into giving your information to insurance providers.

Basically, requesting for insurance quotes does not need the information you usually provide when applying for a credit card or home loan. You could still avail of affordable insurance rates, even if you do not give out what you perceived as personal data. Because of the Internet and the cutthroat competition that exists in the insurance industry, potential customers could easily request 10 to 20 insurance quotations from different insurance providers before landing on a best deal. Insurance companies know this and to become competitive, most of them are willing to provide these quotations, even if the applicant’s details are fairly limited. They also know that majority of the customers hesitate to give out identifying information simply because their minds are not yet made up to purchase their insurance requirements from them.

However, on the part of the customer, he or she needs to provide the driver’s license or Social Security number in order for the requests to be processed. Without this basic information, insurance quotations would not be possible to obtain. For an insurance company to provide its best offerings, certain information will have to be gathered. For example, the applicant’s name, date of birth, address, driving history, the car’s make or model, and so on are needed. Although most of us would consider them as private data, it is almost impossible, again, to calculate your premiums without them. Having said that, it is necessary for anyone to understand what he is up to, and to make sure that the website’s reputation is unquestionable.

Shopping for auto insurance without identifiable information

Although it is still possible to shop around for auto insurance without providing your driver’s license information, be aware that your driving records have a huge impact on the premium prices. We all know that most insurance providers would look into this area in order to arrive at your corresponding rate. This means that if you are the type of person who have been collecting tickets and filing insurance claims year after year, expect nothing but surging auto insurance rates.

Now, if you want realistic insurance quotations, make sure that you provide this information to help the insurer build an image about your driving history. It is also important that you do not make any mistakes when filling out a form because this will affect the outcome. If you advertently made those mistakes and the insurance company founds out, you could face a surcharge or your coverage protection be denied. As always, it is best to provide only honest and truthful data at all times.

Another factor that insurance companies are known to look into is your credit history. Most of the states in the US are allowing insurance companies to use your credit score or credit standing in calculating premium rates. Persons having very low credit ratings may even be denied, though, it happens very rarely. The fact that it is supported by the Department of Insurance, any motorists suffering from financial losses can be considered as a high-risk driver. Again, if you were asked to provide your credit standing, it is best to answer it truthfully.