Why Car Insurance Is a Necessity


To all car owners and drivers in the United States, it is a known fact that you cannot hit the roads and speed in highways unless you have car insurance. This is because the US government requires all car owners to have this so one could drive legally. Some people consider this as just an added expense, which oftentimes drain the finances of car owners. Nonetheless, unless you decide to break the law and be caught by traffic enforcers on the road, getting car insurance is a necessity and a requisite to safe driving.

But why did the government resort to imposing a law that requires car owners to have an insurance policy for their vehicles? Stated below are different reasons why.

The truth is, no matter where you are, there is always a risk that you will be involved in an accident while on the road.

No one in this world can predict or tell when he/she will be a part of a vehicular accident. If all people were able to determine the future, then no road accident will happen at all. Well, nobody can read the future so we are all susceptible to accidents that may happen as we travel. Since cars have been widely used by the public, there have been uncountable number of accidents that have happened and the fatalities that it bore are immeasurable. This is why the government led to making car insurance a requirement to drive.

Another thing is that, not all drivers are as safe as you are.

Some people tend to be overconfident while on the road. They are overconfident in the sense that they do not think that they will be involved in an accident because they drive safely and obey the traffic rules. This leads them to thinking that car insurance is unnecessary. However, this is downright false. Always keep in mind that there are thousands, even millions, of people that hit the road each day and that not all of them are as careful on the road as you are. There is still a chance that you may get involved in an accident. Thus, car insurance comes in as a requisite – even for the safest of all safe drivers.

Insurance is also for your own safety and your property’s safety as well.

When your vehicle is under a car insurance policy, the government is sure that you at least have one safety net that will break your financial fall once you are involved in an accident. Bear in mind the expenses that will rise in time of an accident. Not only you will have to have your car repair but you also have to go under medical assistance. This threatening effect is lessened through the protection of car insurance. At least, it gives everyone peace of mind that you are not to carry the whole burden of an accident’s casualties.

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