What is Full Coverage Insurance?


Car insurance is sometimes confusing, especially if you are not aware of what is the coverage that you are availing. It is wise to have auto insurance, but knowing the things that are covered by it would even be better.

The auto insurance coverage which usually confuses the policy holder is the full coverage insurance. Well, from the phrase alone, full coverage, the common perception is that your car is totally covered no matter what happens. This notion is to some extent correct. But here is a deeper enlightenment of what is really a full coverage insurance is all about.

Full coverage insurance is usually branded as comprehensive and collision coverage. Depending on the state that you are residing, this may vary considerably. But here is the simple explanation of full coverage insurance quote.

Full coverage is only not obligatory, however. If you plan on financing a car or taking a car loan, lenders usually insist on taking this coverage until the car is totally paid off. This is actually to look after their interest in case the car would be in an accident or something will happen to the car beyond your control before it is being paid in full.

Collision coverage will cover up expenses for the insured vehicle in case of collision. This means that repair, if repairable, will be shouldered by the insurance company. If the car cannot be repaired, this coverage will shoulder the total assessment of the car. Still, deductibles will apply but for the purpose of understanding it better, focus on the repair or payment of the car in case of car accident.

Comprehensive coverage on the other hand will do the same. The distinction is what caused the damaged is natural adversity or in other instances, robbery. This is sometimes referred to as “other than collision” coverage. Natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes or any other form that would cause damage to the vehicle are covered. It also includes theft or the car being stolen and even attempted theft that would cause damage to the vehicle.

Full coverage auto insurance will be excellent, in the sense that you are protected if something happens to your car whether be in the case of collision with another vehicle, stolen car, damaged by a typhoon or a hurricane or any other natural calamity. The car insurance company will take care of the repair or in other circumstances, pay the amount of the car if it cannot be repaired.

This is just one among the different coverage’s that you would want to take advantage of. But always remember that it would still be you who will be paying for the premium so take time thinking things through. If you are positive that you really need this, then it’s time to call the insurance company to avail it.

It is a kind of security that you will be having while driving or leaving your car in the garage. Take ample time to evaluate your needs and situations and if you consider this car insurance coverage is helpful, there should be no reason for you availing it.