The Importance of having Liability Auto Insurance


The different states in the United States of America provides different amount of car insurance coverage. The question on how much amount of insurance do you needs also depends on the state’s law that you have. There are states that require only a minimum amount but there are also those that give higher amount. So, it is wise to know the minimum car insurance coverage that is mandated by your state’s law. From there, you can start comparing insurance quotes from insurance companies to determine what additional coverage that you would want to avail aside from those mandated by law.

Once you understand your legal responsibilities according to your state law, you are now ready to analyze the different quotes presented to you. There is much coverage to choose from. Here is an example of one coverage that you might need what is the importance of having one.

Liability auto insurance pays for specific amount and limitations in case there will be third parties involved in the accident. This is actually divided to two parts, the Bodily Injury and the Property Damages Insurance.

Bodily Injury Coverage is actually an amount specified in case there will be third parties that are hurt if you got into an accident. Your car insurance will pay a specific amount per person if you are deemed responsible for the accident. So consider this coverage as a very important one in protecting you from unforeseen incidents on the road while driving.

Bodily injury coverage will take care of the medical payments if in any case, the third party is hospitalized. If they claim for additional damages because they cannot go to work because of the accident, this coverage will take care of that as well. Aside from medical payments, it would also take care of the damages for pain and suffering and losses of consortium because of the incident.

The other half of liability auto insurance is the Property Damages coverage. Given the above example, this will also take care of the repair of the third party’s car including any other property that is damaged during the accident. This would include, but not limited to; fence, telephone pole, a house, a building, etc.

Some states actually have this two rolled into a single coverage, but some also splits these in to two. Meaning, you can actually two separate amounts for bodily injury coverage and property damages coverage.

Most states actually provides specific amount for this coverage. So it is still your own choice if you are going to add an additional amount to better help you, in any case that you will be in an accident. It is high time for you to think things through.

How much can you spend on this coverage? Remember that there are actually other things to consider if you got into a car accident. It is wise to invest on the liability auto insurance to be safe just in case you will be involved in an accident hurting other people and destroying other’s property.