The Disadvantages of Underinsured and Uninsured


Driving your car in the highway exposes you to a lot of possibilities. The odds of getting into an accident are great. As they say, it is better to be prepared for the worst than doing something to correct the wrong turn of events. Having car insurance will save you a lot of troubles. It might not only protect you alone but including your family in financial aspects.

With the increase of drivers in the streets, there is a great possibility that even a good driver can get into accident injuring him, and in most circumstances, other people in the streets. Are you covered from this? Or better yet, is your car insurance coverage enough to take care of possible expenses that might arise in a road accident?

You might be carrying car insurance and that makes you think you are covered. But when you are actually involved in a car accident, the reality is you are not fully covered. You might be underinsured. This means that the coverage provided by your car insurance company will not be enough to cover all the expenses incurred in the accident. For example, you incurred a total of $25,000 but your insurance can only take care of $15,000. That would leave you the remaining amount to shoulder.

It is then safe to say that a bigger premium can give us larger coverage for our auto insurance. You just need to evaluate which coverage to focus into. If you believe you are capable of shouldering supplementary expenses, then it is good to cut off some of your coverage. But then again, it is better to have additional coverage that might be your helping hand in case you need it most.

With the downturn of economy because of global recession that we are experiencing today, the increases of driver not carrying auto insurance with them rise drastically. It is forecasted that one out of five drivers does not carry car insurance policy in the United States today. If you are one of those who do not have insurance, think of the possible things that you might be going through in case you will be in a car accident.

Let’s say you don’t have car insurance and you got into road accident causing injuries to others. Where will you get the amount needed immediately? This is just the primary question that you would think of. What about the financial security of your family? Where will you get funds to take care of the accident’s expenses and for you family at the same time?

Paying car insurance premium seems to be a predicament to you but try to look at the bigger picture. There are more burdens accompanied by not being insured in case of accident. Just think about it as a form of security shield for your family and your financial assets.

If you want to slash some of your expenses, that is all right. But never sacrifice you auto insurance especially if you drive a lot.