The ABCs of senior auto insurance simplified


Senior drivers require insurance more than younger drivers for various reasons. Many senior drivers who live on their life savings find it relatively hard to come up with their insurance premiums and wonder why they need to pay such high premiums considering their limited usage.

Why senior drivers need auto insurance cover

Senior citizens are at a higher risk of getting injured in a car crash, a slight bump on the head which can mean an ice pack for an hour to recover for a younger person might involve expensive M.R.I.s for a senior citizen. Senior citizens are aloes at a higher risk of meeting with an accident due to slower reaction times; slower reaction times mean that the driver has less time to brake in order to avoid hitting another car, cyclist or pedestrian. Many senior citizens also tend to have a slight eyesight problem which can also affect their driving abilities adversely; not being able to see something far off in the horizon means the driver will have to apply emergency brakes when they do see the object thus increasing the chances of the car spinning out of control.

Higher premiums for senior drivers

For the above mentioned reasons, senior driver’s pose a higher risk to the insurance company. Insurance companies are in the business to make and book profits which becomes considerably difficult if they make a lot of cash settlements. If the insurance company changes a high risk driver like a senior or a teen the same insurance premium as they do for other drivers’; they are at a much higher chance of running into a loss with that transaction. Hence the simplest solution available to them was to spike up the premiums for high risk driver’s and even the playing field by ensuring that their risk factor is reduced due to the higher premium.

Don’t despair

If you are a senior citizen who drives reading this you need not despair; there are many options available to you. First things first, ensure you have an insurance policy and it’s provides you with adequate support. It may not seem fair to you that you need to pay such a high premium but its illegal to drive in the country without auto insurance and the fines and penalties will cost far more, plus you will stand the chance to have your documents like your license and registration suspended.

Clean up your record

The best way to spike up your auto insurance premium even further is to show the auto insurance company that you actually are a worse than average driver by means of your drivers record. A clean record is something each and every auto insurance company appreciates and rewards according to their policies and terms and conditions. Driver’s Ed courses are also a great way to show that you are serious about being a responsible driver. Actions always speak louder than words and prevention is always better than a cure. Make sure your mirrors are well adjusted to your preferences before you drive out of the driveway; keep your car in good tune, a well tuned vehicle is much safer than a vehicle with loose brakes and bad tires. Always wear your eye glasses when driving, and ensure you can see at least 12 feet ahead, and last but not the least always stay attentive.