Look for reasons beyond accidents for purchasing auto insurance


There are many reasons why you should purchase auto insurance. A lot of people believe that auto insurance would come into picture only when there is an accident and they need to get their damage repair costs reimbursed. However, it is important to understand that even if you are a perfectly safe driver, there are several ways in which you might need auto insurance coverage eventually to avoid big unforeseen expenses. Here are some of the reasons why you will need auto insurance coverage.

For theft and natural disasters

When your vehicle has been stolen, vandalized or damaged by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and cyclones, you will need your auto insurance coverage to recover the cost of the vehicle. Most of these are beyond your control, but you can avoid any concerns by taking a comprehensive insurance that covers most of these. If you live in areas which are prone to theft or natural disasters, then it is a good idea to purchase comprehensive insurance.

Coverage against non insured motorist

Not all people carry liability insurance and sometimes, your vehicle might be damaged due to an accident caused by a non-insured motorist. In such a scenario, you will need coverage to take care of the damage repair costs.

Coverage against freak incidents

A broken tree falling on your vehicle or a pothole on the road could lead to serious damage and considerable repair costs. Coverage will help you stay protected from freak incidents that can lead to big repair expenses from time to time.

Car damages in parking

It is quite possible that your car in the basement area or parking area of a place has been badly damaged by another vehicle or due to the mistake of an irresponsible driver. Such damages could be expensive when it comes to repair. In some cases, you might not even be able to find who the miscreant is to claim for damage charges. Once again in such scenarios, you will need auto insurance coverage to fall back to, for repair expenses.

Roadside assistance

If you are someone who travels in and out of the city frequently in your car, you will need roadside assistance coverage. When you have that, you can seek help when your car has broken down on the highway. The assistance is available round the clock. In fact, you will have a hotline number to reach out to, round the clock. You may also receive reimbursement in the form of charges for a rental car. Some insurance providers include towing coverage too, if your vehicle has to be towed back into the city for repairs. All these costs could mount to a steep bill if you don’t have insurance. In some cases, the service accounts to a lot more than the monetary benefits.

Gap insurance

There are special scenarios where you will need insurance to cover the differential between the actual value of the car and the loan amount that is due, just in case, the car has been completely damaged due to any reason.