Filing Successful and Hassle-free Auto Insurance Claim


Most auto insurance claims that are rejected are mainly not accepted because the person filing the claim missed out on import information. Filing an insurance claim is not hard provided you know what information needs to be given to the insurance company. This article will elaborate on tips to help you find a successful claim for auto insurance. 

Get the Right Details 

After an accident occurs the first thing you should do is to talk to the other person involved in the accident and to get his insurance details. While you are getting the other person’s insurance details you should also get his contact information. While you are at the scene of the accident you should make it a point to note the extent of the damage of both cars and if any passengers in the car were hurt. 

Call the Right Authorities 

While you are at the scene of the accident you should make it a point to call 911 in case anybody was hurt. You should also contact the police so that you can get a copy of the police’s report. This report is required by most auto insurance companies since this proves that an accident did occur. You should also contact your lawyer in case of any legal difficulties. After you have contacted the required authorities you should call your insurance company immediately. To be safe you should call your auto insurance company 1ithin 24 hours of the accident. Your insurance company will take down the details in brief and they will call you back in 24 hours. 

Get a Witness and Get Your Facts Right 

Before you talk to the insurance company about the accident in detail you should find a witness who has seen the entire accident. The witness’s story should match with your version of the accident so that there are no problems. You should also get the witness’s contact details so that the insurance company can contact him when necessary. Before talking to the insurance company about the accident in detail you should get your facts right so that you do not make mistakes while answering any questions. You should preferably write down what happened so that you can give the right information to the insurance company. 

File the Claim 

After you have completed all the procedures mentioned above you should file the auto insurance claim as soon as possible. While filing the claim you should fill the form correctly and you should also attach any required documents. If you are mailing the claim to the vehicle insurance company then you should use certified mail that has a delivery notification option. This will ensure that your mail reaches the vehicle insurance safely and you will know when someone at the company accepts the letter. 

Wait for the Adjuster 

After your claim has been accepted an adjuster will be sent to your house by the insurance company. The adjuster will make note of the damage to your car and he will let you know if you should take your car to an authorized body shop. Depending on your policy and the terms the adjuster may cut you a check and ask you to get the car repaired yourself. If you feel that the check amount is too low then you should file a complaint claim with the insurance company.