Auto Insurance Fraud! What you know can save you!


In today’s world, we are faced with a lot of difficult choices when it comes to our financial responsibilities. A lot of us have to cut back on our budget costs. Some people have unfortunately chosen to go a different route and have decided to commit auto insurance fraud.

Auto insurance fraud is quickly becoming the fastest growing form of fraud in America and many other parts of the world. People view it has a quick and painless way to make a lot of money. They over insure a vehicle and then purposely create or stage accidents or collisions to collect on the large amounts of auto insurance they are insured for.

This is a very serious problem and the consequences of committing auto insurance fraud are something you should look at. Not because you may be considering committing this crime, but because you yourself could become a victim of this crime. These fraudsters must use another unwitting person in order to complete their auto insurance fraud and you may become their pawn.

Many people find themselves unaware of how they ended up in a collision with their auto insurance company footing the bill because they did everything right themselves. They followed the road signs, stayed within speed limits, watched out for coming traffic. Unfortunately though, criminals are waiting for just one second of time where your eyes are off the road. During this they will side swipe you or turn in front of you and stop, all without any regard to your health or safety, or even their own safety or their passengers.

While they will make a large sum of money off the accident, you will be suffering from possible injuries and definitely suffering from an increased auto insurance premium rate. So, what can I do to avoid these people on the road or to recognize when I have been the pawn in one of their auto insurance schemes?

Theres a chance while on the road that any one of us will become a target for these people. The best thing anyone can do is watch the other drivers around them, watch for suspicious people, watch for cars that seem to be driving together, cars them seem to be following you or trying to get ahead of you, and don’t let anyone or any vehicle get to close to your vehicle, especially if you suspect them. Basically all you can do is be vigilant.

If you think you are a victim of one of these staged or forced collisions, you can report your suspicions to your auto insurance company, but in the meantime you will still have to pay for all the injuries and vehicle damages occurred in the accident or collision. There really isn’t much that can be done until a full investigation as taken place. These investigations can be costly and time consuming and sometimes the auto insurance company would rather just doe out the money and jack up your auto insurance premium rates.

Keep driving safe and drive within the speed limits and follow all correct driving procedures while driving, while at the same time keeping a close eye out for the behaviour of the other drivers and hopefully you will at the very least, greatly reduce your chances of becoming a pawn in an auto insurance fraud.