A green ride can save you money on auto insurance


For the past decade or two there has been a surge in green consciousness. People are trying to find new ways and means to reduce their carbon footprint. And thankfully there have been rapid strides made on the technological front, which has opened up possibilities which were previously unheard of. Hybrid vehicles and purely electric vehicles are already available to the common consumer. But since the cost of acquiring such a vehicle is exorbitant, auto insurance companies have started giving out certain benefits for people who own and operate such a vehicle.

A hybrid car would cost you almost twice as much as an equivalent gas guzzler. It helps that you get some sort of incentive from either the government or other ancillary companies like insurance companies. In fact, in certain states across the country the government is giving out tax rebates on hybrid automobiles. California is a stellar example for this kind of action. And with time more and more states are coming out with better green policies. In fact a lot of western European based auto insurance companies have taken the initiative in bringing out better green policies.

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you need to get in touch with your auto insurance agent in order to check up about the incentives, But before doing that, first check online to find green friendly auto insurance companies. If you already own a policy from a company that does not support green initiatives, it’s better to reject the policy and go in for one from a company which supports you. Use the internet to find which companies will help you out. And after doing that, fix up an appointment with a couple of them to find out what sort of incentives they are willing to give you.

The usual benefits will include a discount on your annual premium. You could expect anything up to 25% of your insurance premium being waived off. Other benefits could include added coverage like a collision coverage policy. This could help you if you are going to be driving extensively on the highway or freeway system.

You could also get something called as medical benefits. This sort of incentive will give you coverage for all the medical complications arising as a result of the accident after emergency treatment. In other words, any long term complication will be covered. You will get reimbursed for both medicines and the treatments that you will require.

Other sorts of benefits can include rental insurance, uninsured or under insured motorist coverage and teen policies. Rental insurance is required if you are going to be travelling extensively and are going to book cars at the local town or city. It will cost you much lesser to get this upfront instead of getting it from the rental company. But you will also need to know how much you are going to be travelling to other cities or towns.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will give you protection if you meet with an accident with a person who is not insured or has low insurance coverage. In cases where the other offending party is not in a position to access his personal assets or if he does not have sufficient assets to pay you for damages even after litigation, you can claim for reimbursement from your insurance company.