5 Things you Avoid While Buying Auto Insurance


People who buy car insurance for the first time often get overwhelmed by the options they have and they make avoidable mistakes. While buying auto insurance there are a few things a person must not do since these things can cause him financial loss. This article will elaborate on 5 basic things not to do while you buy or renew auto insurance. 

Do Not Buy the First Quote Offered 

Although it may be tempting to opt for the first auto insurance company that gives you a quote you should not do this. Comparing quotes is the best way to ensure that you get value for your money since by comparing quotes you become aware of the various companies that offer good policies for a reasonable price. By opting for the first quote you do not explore the chances of getting a lesser or a better quote. 

Do not Opt for Paid Quotes 

Paid quotes consist of the auto insurance company giving you a quote for a fee. The reason it is recommended not to opt for paid quotes is because if you pay a fee every time you get a quote then you are much more likely to opt for only 2 – 3 quotes. Free quotes allow you to opt for many quotes without paying a fee to the vehicle insurance company. Free quotes can easily be got through the car insurance company’s online site. 

Don’t Over Insure Old Cars 

Many people make this mistake of over insuring old cars. Old cars are most likely to break down faster which makes you a good candidate for a high premium. If you want to insure your old car then opt for the basic coverage but do not opt for comprehensive coverage. Instead of over insuring your old car you should consider buying a new car that is affordable and fuel efficient. Second hand cars that are in a good condition can also be insured. 

Don’t File For Claims You Can Pay for 

Although an auto insurance policy is meant to cover small and big accidents the reason most experts ask car owners not to file small claims is because each claim you file is recorded. This means that every time you file a small claim you are eating into the total amount and this also makes you eligible for a higher premium the next time you insure your car. If the damage to your car is not much then you should consider visiting body repair shops and getting your car repaired without the help of the insurance company. 

Don’t Opt for Different Home and Auto Insurance Companies 

Many car and home owners are not aware that most vehicle insurance companies also insure homes and vice versa. By insuring your home and your car from the same insurer you may be eligible for a loyalty discount which means that you can save money on insurance. You should also try to insure all your cars from one vehicle insurance company since many vehicle insurance companies give significant discounts to customers who insure all their cars from their company. If you plan to renew your policy then you should ask the insurance company if you can get a discount since you are continuing to do business with the vehicle insurance company.