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Tampa is a Gulf Coast City in Hillsborough County in the state of Florida. One way of saving on Tampa auto insurance payments is to consult the police. If the police could give you statistics of thefts and accidents that really matter to Tampa car insurance companies, you could avoid these and lower your monthly payments.

How the Police Can Help You Find a Lower Tampa Auto Insurance Quote in Florida

A recent survey conducted shows that the top three cars most stolen in Tampa County, Florida are the Honda Accord (1994 model), Honda Civic (2000), Toyota Camry (1991). The first and the third types of cars are not very recent models but they are among the hottest cars stolen in Tampa County. Compared to the 2006 Ford F150 Series (which comes fourth in the list) and the 2007 Toyota Corolla (seventh in the list), the first three cars are fairly dated already. But, chances are, if you own one of the first three cars, then Tampa car insurance companies will charge you a higher monthly premium because your car is in higher risk of getting stolen.

But the model of your vehicle is not the only thing that matters. Of course the insurance company will also inquire about the amount of the car you drive. And the analogy goes: the more expensive a car is, the higher the monthly premium charged. Of course, that is true. But again, it is not the sole factor in determining how much your premium will be. Some inexpensive cars might also have a higher premium if they are topping the list of commonly stolen cars or those usually damaged in a particular weather phenomenon.

Therefore, before asking for Tampa auto insurance, remember to first do your research - not just in comparing online Tampa auto insurance rates, but also in these kinds of crime statistics. Tampa is where you can get one of the cheapest insurance quotes in the whole of the country. Once you fully understand how the insurance business works and how insurance companies evaluate you and your car, you will be able to find ways to lower your monthly premium and save much. So save yourself from paying hefty premiums. Don't procrastinate when you can do your research now on the car model you want to buy. After all, you just want to have a smooth flowing, insured driving through and through that is also cheap and affordable.

If you want to get cheap Tampa car insurance, ask the police. But what is the connection between cars and the police? Simple, Cars are subject to threats of vandalism, crashes and thefts. So far, the police have been able to make statistics about which type of car is often subject to these threats - particularly that of theft. And the reason behind this study is that Tampa auto insurance companies charge hefty monthly premiums to the owners of cars mostly subjected to imminent dangers like theft.

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