Charlotte Auto Insurance in North Carolina

It is true that many people do not see the necessity of getting car insurance. In fact, many just insure their car to satisfy existing state legislations concerning driving legally. People who do so only settle for their respective state’s minimum requirement for Charlotte auto insurance. This also holds true for Charlotte drivers. Many drivers getting Charlotte car insurance in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina only settles for the state’s minimum requirements.

Need Charlotte Auto Insurance? Don't Just Settle for the State Minimum

North Carolina's state minimum requirements for car insurance usually include the following:

  • Required property damage liability: $25,000
  • Required bodily liability: $30,000/$60,000
  • A strongly recommended uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Additional recommendations concerning: collision, enhanced liability, and comprehensive insurance

At first glance, it seems like the state minimum requirements is already enough for your car insurance needs. All the while, the reason why we want to insure our car is for it to be protected in times of road accidents or other emergencies. Property damage liability already covers the damage to your car when it is involved in a road accident. For example, when you are driving in Charlotte roads and you accidentally ram your car into the car in front of you, even though it is your fault, the required property damage liability would pay for the damages up to the given amount. Also, when in that specific accident, you caused body injuries, then the required bodily liability would also be the one who will pay for the expenses incurred. However, there are reasons why settling for the minimum state requirements may not be the worth Charlotte car insurance that you are looking for.

Remember that one important reason why you get auto insurance is also because you do not know when accidents will happen, which is also because you cannot control the way other drivers drive their car. In this situation, remember that we cannot predict what may be the damage that will happen whenever we encounter road accidents. The worse part here is that: the minimum state requirements may not offer enough protection whenever we are involved in such accidents. That is the reason why it is also important for you to consider getting additional coverages outside the state minimum such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and comprehensive coverage. After all, your state would not recommend it if there is no apparent reason.

For instance, when you involve in an accident wherein the car at fault is not insured. The minimum state requirement here would then not help you, but getting uninsured motorist coverage would. Remember that you cannot choose which driver would cause you trouble, so the risks of having an accident involving uninsured drivers is always present. Not settling for the minimum state requirement makes your auto insurance provide complete protection for you and your family. It is best to consult online Charlotte Auto insurance so you can get the best buy.

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