Chandler Auto Insurance in Arizona

To get the best Chandler auto insurance package today, you need to pay attention to certain stats and figures. Once you read through the following tips, it will be easier for you to get only the best Chandler car insurance policy in the market.

Finding the Best Chandler Auto Insurance Package in Arizona Today

In Arizona, particularly in Chandler, it can be a bit difficult finding the right car insurance policy that fits your needs most. With the help of these stats and tips, you will surely land a package that suits you best.

Minimum car insurance requirements in Arizona, including Chandler, are as follows: for bodily injury liability, the limit is $15,000 for each injured person, as well as a total of $30,000 for each accident. As for property damage liability, the limit reaches up to $10,000.

Aside from these figures, you should also pay attention to the brand and make of vehicles that are often stolen in Chandler. These include the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Dodge Ram Pickup, Chevrolet Full-size Pickup, the Ford F150 Series, the Ford F250 Series, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, and Dodge Intrepid. If you drive any of the cars listed above, you would be considered a high-risk client, which inevitably means you will be given higher premiums to pay.

You should also pay attention to other stats and figures that are influential on your insurance policy rates. One factor to consider is your travel time or time you spend driving your car. An average Chandler constituent's travel time to and from work is roughly 25.1 minutes. If you go beyond that figure, your premium rate might go higher. However, if you show your car insurance company that your travel time per day does not exceed the average of 25.1 minutes, you just might likely get a lower premium rate.

Recent studies show that Chandler rates at 8 fatal crashes annually. Out of these 8 fatal crashes, 19 people and 12 cars were involved. These show that as a driver, it is important to have safety equipment installed in your car, including airbags and seatbelts. Figures also show that the way you drive is not just a deciding factor in the insurance premium that you will be paying - you also have to look into how you drive with other drivers on the road. Apart from safety equipment, presence of security features, such as anti-theft devices, will encourage providers to lower your insurance premium. Any car insurance company in Chandler, Arizona will gladly do that.

Of those 8 fatal crashes, a majority of vehicles involved were reported to have an average speed reaching 65 MPH. If your driving history shows your diligence at staying within the speed limit, your insurance company will see you as a safe driver, thereby increasing the chances of getting insurance discounts.

A key to getting the most affordable car insurance package in Chandler, Arizona is research. Do not go for the first offer that comes your way. Go for multiple quotes online - discuss with as many agents as you can. Only when you find the best possible package should you settle for any price.

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