Auto Insurance Guide Archive for May, 2009

  • North Carolina Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    Insurance costs seem to just keep inching their way higher and higher, even if you haven’t had any accidents or claims. Legally it is mandatory to carry a certain amount of insurance just to drive on the streets and highways where you live. But there is some good news, though; here are some discounts available to drivers in North Carolina that you may not even be aware of. Be sure to check with your insurance carrier to see if they include any of the following savings.

    Combining Your Policies

    The term is bundling and all it really means is combining all of your insurance policies and bringing them to the same company. If you have one or more of the following types of coverage you may want to link them to your current car insurance: life, health, homeowners, rental and property insurance. The best part is having everything under one … Click here to read more