The Physical Damage Coverage


Having your own car is a necessity nowadays, and having car insurance is mandated by law. Aside from these details, there are also many things that you have to look into. These things are directly related with your car.

Car insurance as we know is our protection against any event that might cause financial trouble in our life. And aside from that, the maintenance of the car alone also requires a lot of our attention. An important insurance coverage that might be of your need is the physical damage coverage.

Physical damage coverage is divided into two- the Collision Coverage and the Comprehensive Coverage. Depending on your needs and the car that you own, you can choose either of the available coverage. Try to analyze the difference.

Collision coverage will take care of the restoration of the car in case it will be involved in an accident. From the repair of the body, windshield or any other component of the car that are originally installed by the manufacturer. This coverage may advisable to you if you have a new car or you are still paying for your car loan. Most car loan companies will insist that you carry this coverage just in case some thing will happen while it is unpaid. If your car is new, it is at your advantage because this will take care of the repair or even replacement of the car.

This amount to be paid by your car insurance company will still be depending on the deductibles that you choose. A higher deductible means a lower car premium. But still, it would depend on how tight you are in your budget. Definitely, the insurance company will help you out in case of collision.

The comprehensive coverage on the other will pay for the restoration of the car in case it would be damaged due to natural disasters. This would include stray animals, typhoons, or hurricanes that might damage your car. It is often referred to as aside from collision coverage. Any incident that caused damaged to the car, including theft and attempted theft is covered in this type of car insurance coverage.

If you have a new car, it is advisable to take collision coverage. But if your car is old, it is not advisable for you to take advantage of this. But it would still be your choice. Car insurance is your personal choice.

The bottom-line of both coverage is that your auto insurance company will help you in the restoration or even replacement of your car in any case it would be damaged. Well, it is good to know that if you are fully covered, you don’t have to worry much on getting personal money to take care of the damages on your car.

Driving your car knowing that you are ready for whatever happens to the car is a big relief. You are investing on your car and that the insurance company will always pay for whatever fixing to be needed, it’s time to assess you r situation if you want to avail this car insurance coverage.