Information that can help you buy the right coverage


Buying a car brings with it a whole new set of responsibilities. A valid auto insurance coverage is a must in order to drive legally on the roads. This coverage ensures complete protection in case of any mishaps or if the car gets stolen. While most car manufacturing companies offer complimentary coverage as a part of the package when you buy the car, it lasts only for a year. On the expiration of the complimentary coverage, it is imperative that you buy the coverage of your choice from one of the many auto insurance providers eager to cater to your needs. Signing up for the right type of coverage for your car includes shopping extensively till you find the right deal without any compromises. Here is some information to help you simplify the process.

State minimums: Most states will have a mandatory law on having car insurance, but the minimum amount of coverage you must have differs from state to state. Before starting your shopping, research on what your state requirements are and take a print-out of it. You can also research on additional packages you can opt for which benefit you financially. Your car insurance coverage is considered to be valid only if the state minimum requirements are a part of it. While you can definitely opt for a higher level of coverage, there is no way you can reduce it to anything lesser than the minimums specified.

Insurance agents: If you’re buying a car for the first time, you can contact Insurance agents who will give you Insurance quotes from different auto-insurance companies. This will take some-time as you will have to approach several agents to get a satisfactory quote.

Internet: Most car-insurance companies would have put quotes for car-insurances on websites you can log in and compare with. You can also apply online for your car-insurances; some websites even give information from different websites so you can choose the best offer.

Find the right insurance company: If you decide to apply at an particular company for auto-insurance, keep these simple steps in mind:

  1. Check the Insurance Company’s ratings through the internet.
  2. Annual and monthly rates for different insurance packages
  3. The payment policy and Discounts

Essential documents: The following documents are essential for obtaining auto-insurance. These are only the basic documents and there might be additional details your state may require.

  1. Make, model, year, car purchase papers, car loan papers, VIN number which can be located near the driver’s side of the windshield, estimated mileage per year, driving license details, age proof, address proof, bank statements, copy of last 3 months salary slips, Social security number.
  2. You will have to give the above details to your car-insurance agent, who will explain the remaining process you have to complete.
  3. If you are applying online, you will have to enter the above details with your personal details and electronically sign the documents and SUBMIT your documents. You will get a confirmation e-mail which you will have to review carefully.

The Insurance Company will take 15-20 days to verify your details and you will obtain your car-insurance.