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If there was one figure in history to represent Sentry Insurance, it would be Captain John Parker. On the 19th of April 1775, Captain Parker, along with 77 minutemen, faced off with the British troops in what was to become the first armed encounter of the United States War for Independence. John Parker’s men were outnumbered 10 to 1. Nevertheless, he and his men rallied on to stand their ground, knowing that they can conquer the obstacles, and eventually, gain victory. This is the same principle that Sentry Insurance advocates, especially in its commitment to its customers. Strength, Protection, and Vigilance – this is the Sentry Insurance way.

Sentry Insurance was established by the members of the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association in 1904 with the goal of providing insurance for themselves. The company has managed to withstand the rise and fall of the global economy for over a century. Sentry Insurance continues to provide outstanding and complete protection for corporations, families, and individuals alike.

And today, Sentry Insurance continues to grow in strength and number as proven in over 10 billion dollars worth of assets. Added to this is more than three billion dollars of underwritten policies, making the company one of largest insurance policy providers in the United States. It has also received an A+ rating in financial stability from A.M. Best: Strength.

Sentry already has over a million working policies to its name. The company continues to uphold its mission to provide protection via a comprehensive and wide range of services, covering anything from auto insurance to corporate protection services. This is the brand of Sentry Insurance services that sets the company apart from the rest: Protection.

And another element that makes the company unique is its team of customer support and service. Each customer or insurance holder is valuable to Sentry Insurance. It is but fitting that the company takes care of all its customers’ needs: Vigilance.