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While considered a newcomer, Newport Insurance is backed by the biggest names in the insurance industry, like Hanover, EMC, Progressive, and others. The provider is an independent agent that offers only small amounts of direct coverage.

Newport Insurance’s website is notoriously hard to come to grips with and prospective clients can get lost easily. Navigating the site involves scrolling both up and down and side to side tremendously.

The company claims that while it may be a new player in the industry, it was established by veterans in the industry with the goal of quality customer service in mind. Through its partner companies, Newport Insurance offers different policies and coverage.

Auto insurance is available for many vehicles, like cars, SUVs, trucks, and even motorcycles. The company also provides coverage for smaller personal vehicles, like all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and water crafts.

Prospective customers can also avail of homeowners, renters, and property insurance. Businesses and establishments can also get insurance coverage from the company.

The company has yet to announce the presence of financial services at the time of this writing.