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Despite not being a full-pledged auto insurance provider, the National Motor Club offers a wide range of protection services for members. Aside from the normal auto insurance coverage, the club also provides personal protection services, like trip planning, emergency roadside assistance, and even travel assistance reimbursement. The club also takes care of attorney fees or bail bonds for motorists detained because of vehicular accidents and other moving violations. Vacation planners and motorists can also avail of the National Motor Club’s trip planning packets. Membership in the club can assure motorists of a quick return of stolen vehicles with the club’s return reward policy.

The club also provides options like health care discounts, personal protection, and even personal accident coverage. The National Motor Club is also geared towards emergency situation benefits, hospitalization, or accidental death. Aside from these, the club also provides personal health protection for its members, as well as identity theft coverage.

Members can also expect to get discounts in hotels when traveling out of town. Rental cars can also be quickly acquired with the assistance of the National Motor Club.