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A severe storm destroyed the rural community in Michigan known as Hastings between the period of 1880 and 1882. Community damages reached more or less $225 thousand dollars. This amount of money in the nineteenth century was more than enough to cover the cost of five hundred brand new homes. D. W. Rogers, a local farmer decided that it was time to take matters into his own hands. After a discussion with his state legislator brother, Jeremiah Rogers, a bill was passed in 1885 and approved after a few years to legalize the formation of windstorm insurance companies in Michigan.

Right after the bill was passed, D.W. Rogers built the Hasting-based company known as the Michigan Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Insurance Company. It started as a small insurance company with only 160 policy holders that grew in 1908 into an insurance company that catered to 43,000 customers. It was renamed as the Windstorm Company with more than $74 million worth of policies in force. With its continued growth, the company became the second largest windstorm insurance company in the whole world by the end of 1925. The company did not stop growing despite the Great Depression during the 1940’s and 1950’s period.

The Windstorm Company underwent reorganization in 1959 as a general, non-assessable mutual insurer under the name of Hasting Mutual Insurance Company. Many insurance policies needed to be changed to accommodate the change of company name. 

Hastings Mutual Insurance has continued to grow and achieve its unwavering aim for success. From a small company that began in one little community devastated by the forces of nature to the company that it is now, it continues to serve customers in the five states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. They have maintained their reliability by providing excellent customer service for their sought-after insurance products.