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Erie Insurance begun operating in 1925 and was spearheaded by H.O. Hirt in Pennsylvania, primarily rendering automobile insurance coverage. The company’s vision still lives on today, which is to provide the highest possible service and protection matched with the lowest prices and first-class customer service to its policyholders. All throughout the years of its operation, Erie was able to provide additional line of insurance products and a wide array of discounts for their loyal patrons.

Answering to the specific needs of the business community, Eire Insurance offered its ERIEplaceable Business Insurance program, covering a broad range of business protection plans, such as theft and vandalism. On top of that is the Employee Life Insurance plan, which is made available to employees under the Erie Family Life Insurance plan. Both plans are trimmed down to fit specifically the growing demands of the employees’ families.

Erie Insurance claims to offer 30 extra car insurance features in its auto insurance product line and has been rated by 1 out of 4 industry rating companies as being capable to live up to its promises to its policyholders. Customer satisfaction has been the de facto for most insurance companies’ success and Erie Insurance has their customers sticking with them because they perceive this as true.

Erie’s offering of discounts in its auto insurance programs are noticeably impressive. For instance, they offer a standard discount for drivers, but it gets even better for mature drivers and young drivers as well. Or, if your vehicle has anti-theft devices installed or safety features, such as anti-lock brakes and restraints, you can get even more discounts in their policies. As simple as not using your vehicle often can squeeze some more savings in your premiums, as well as voluntarily enrolling yourself in safety driving courses.